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well, not if he wasn't using a Big Muff Pi, right? PS: I'm a huge fan of distortion myself. Let it rip! oh and let's not leave out the bass players!!!!
I think Patrick enjoys T-Bone Walker as opposed to hard '70s funk or Nirvana
Love and kisses, How old and what was the retail of that sportcoat, experts???? Also, someone here suggested the jacket needed to be "reblocked" because the ticket pocket flap was off. I am wondering, is this something RL did to call attention to that detail, or is it F'D up? Spoo, others, please chime in Thanks
I respect that approach in that setting. Plus who wants to run into their bodyguards?These "reunion/old timer/meet the public" situations are different to me, as they are either paid or unpaid appearances where autographs are part of the festivities. Sometimes they're between paid and unpaid -- meaning travel and meals taken care of by some sponsoring organization. Bottom line: it's a fan-friendly event.If you run into a celeb at a mall or a sporting event or a restaurant...
I used to cover sports & celebrity memorabilia and did some of these types of events. I would say: Unprofessional? No. Dorky? Yes. Should you do it? Yes, if you plan to do something with the jacket (i.e. hang it in a glass box in your man cave).I let "fear of other people perceiving me as a dork" get in the way of several autograph misses I rue to this day: Herbie Hancock, Todd Rundgren...and someone who sat beside me at a trade show presentation who later left this mortal...
Also, in reviewing the last few pages I can see you guys have raised the level of discourse here to junior high football locker room. That's a couple steps up from before! Congratulations! Heh. Is 38R related to Frenchy or a new incarnation (i.e. Son of)? It's sounding quite familiar, yet without the Archie Bunker social commentary.
That makes way more sense.
Hi kids, I have heard there's been some rumors of my demise, so I'll give you the drive-by update, heh: I'm still alive. My thrifting obsessions persist, but family and work has sapped my time, after jamming hundreds of store visits into a couple-three years, well, we all have to pay the piper, don't we? Plus my closets are stuffed. It was hard at first to throttle back, but it gets easier, heh. OK, that was a lie. it doesn't. When I do surface in our favorite dens of...
Ha ha Ha? Is I'm not really good with math. It was close to one third retail. A tenth and I would be doing other things than posting hereā€¦ To myself
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