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Yes! Although there are plenty of Swamp Yankees (I say that with love because I look that part too, some days) in ours too.What are the doing with all those shoes? I also notice they pass on high end brands, I've found some OMFG brands left behind...and they never take what I know is $$$$$$ rollerblades, hockey skates and ski gear that the athletes come in and snap up for their swap meets/indoor fleas.
So we have the first in the nation (so clerks tell me) combo goodwill retail/by the pound the next town over, it's been open a year now. Found some nice stuff now and then. Tonight in the bitter cold taking sweetie out to Valentine's dinner...wore the Gripfasts I got from the by the pound bins that were kinda harsh upon purchase but cleaned up well... Anyhow, the main reason I'm posting is to ask...WTF are the people of many ethnicities including my own doing when they...
Hey guys… I mean shoe experts… Who made these? London Paris Milan New York And an oval logo that was gold leafy at one point. And these other markings: Thanks
It also is validation that we can DO something IRL with all this useless knowledge we obssess over and acquire while filtering through the 99% dreck when ripping racks.
Hi all. I had thought about posting this for a while, but I never did. I should have a year and a half ago. THANK YOU MOTHERF@CKERS for all your advice and trading and cheers and jeers and shit. At 46 years old in late 2014 I made a career change from journalism to PR. I got the job interviewing in an H-F glenplaid suit I got at an SA in Portsmouth NH, custom white shirt w/french cuffs that fit me perfectly from SA in Philly, and vintage Florsheim or Nettleton wingtips I...
My 9 year old babydoll is getting better and better. not THAT GOOD but kid's got game...ain't that a freakin rush!!!
Also, picked this bad boy up and rocked it at church with T-shirt, jeans and brown Italian chukkas. Don't judge me Also, in thrift store terms, half decent vinyl haul (no scratches, some upgrade LPs I already have...not pictured a dead mint American Fool)
Cheaney USA 8.5 oxblood color calf in sweet shape. I thought they were UK 8.5, else they would have fit me. As such, available. PM me with swap offers, would love some USA 9 AE, Alden, Cheaney, that level of awesome. Don't make me send to Spoo, that is effing boring...for you not me.
Do these count?
Thanks. Me photography skills lacking, but it's there
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