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My 9 year old babydoll is getting better and better. not THAT GOOD but kid's got game...ain't that a freakin rush!!!
Also, picked this bad boy up and rocked it at church with T-shirt, jeans and brown Italian chukkas. Don't judge me Also, in thrift store terms, half decent vinyl haul (no scratches, some upgrade LPs I already have...not pictured a dead mint American Fool)
Cheaney USA 8.5 oxblood color calf in sweet shape. I thought they were UK 8.5, else they would have fit me. As such, available. PM me with swap offers, would love some USA 9 AE, Alden, Cheaney, that level of awesome. Don't make me send to Spoo, that is effing boring...for you not me.
Do these count?
Thanks. Me photography skills lacking, but it's there
I was hoping Thrift Thread 2.0 would be a little less edgy, a little kinder and gentler, and what the fuck do I see but Mr Rogers is flipping me off, like over and over and over and over. You people!!! Hey, shoe experts, please confirm these Florsheim Imperial mothers be shell, I feel good about the situation after cleaning up these $4 beauties (my size, ladies, so they're N/A). Since we have no sense of decorum here, either, I am pleading that you help keep my...
Yes! I am way further into debt with the record habit now than I ever was with the clothing habit. Effing store owners have me on speed dial when 500-lp collections walk in the door. It's not the $4 records that get you, it's the dead-mint "Last Waltz" triple for $30 and its cousins you can't resist. Or youre so sick of seeing either reprocessed stereo or beat to crap Miles Davis (or for us who like blues, Magic Sam, Muddy Waters etc...) that you end up getting nice $25...
Love and kisses, Kat.
There is no good jazz at thrift stores, save a few really beat up Miles Davis records and the occasional Ahmad Jamal and Ramsey Lewis if you're in that sort of thing (I am, but not everybody is).In other news, I don't always wear Bass Weejuns. But when I do, I prefer the 75th anniversary limited edition two-tones they were practically giving away at the outlet...
Thanks Wes. Thanks Spoo & Orgetorix for granting interviews. You guys are the talent; I'm merely the scribe.As some of you have noted it's "quick and dirty" because it's a paper-only pub specializing in vintage/antiques so there was only so much space and I had to zero in on vintage clothing -- I wish I could have interviewed many more folks from this thread!!!!!!! If I get another assignment in this topic area I will definitely be calling upon more of you for the next...
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