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Ooohhhh props to Toledo, ohMy parents dressed me in clothes from the Lion store at the westgate and southwyck malls.
RIght! Protein bars, travel coffee mugs and waters make it work! Y U No eat?
Mods, please step in.
please stop. Or start a new thread. (And I don't mean the thrift fits, Wes.)
Really good point though.We did pretty well, except for gun stuff, keeping political arguments off the thread through the election season. Those pictures were out of line, here. Save them for your Facebook. And I am a bleeding heart liberal who throws down on FB with the best of them, getting routinely unfriended by conservatives and wearing it as a badge of honor. This isn't a political soap box whether I agree with you or not.This particular thread side alley makes me...
Bingo. +1,000I think this describes a lot of us here. A lot of us couldn't afford/it would be irresponsible to buy $200 Lauren coats even if we wanted to. Car payments, kids, mortgages, etc...take priority. However, making a fifty here and a fifty there flipping stuff to buy a used cashmere Zegna SC or whatever? Now you're talking. And Brian talks about the "thrill of the hunt," too, which I think we all have to love or we wouldn't be here. So sell those wide blade 1974...
Speaking of dead end discussions, you are annoyed with us for having too many side discussions and then take us here? Borderline troll stuff IMHO.In the end, what we're many of us are trying to do here is make enough bread to improve our wardrobes without dipping into the mortgage or car payment fund. Building cash reserves to buy quality things from each other or best of all, swap.If you're offended because Spoo, me, Brianpore, Nataku, whomever are eBaying some stuff that...
last night's pickups, coats 42R [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] And the rare Talbott Omaggio spotted in the wild. Not like it's super special, just...don't see a lot.
I gotta send the Vintage Fashion Guild a pic of my label. They don't have it and could add it to the collection. Thanks for your contribution here, even though it raises more questions (happens a lot here because those manufacturers refuse to date their garments like the mind does coins, ha)Just by the "C" in company, compared to the dates at the Label Resource, I am guessing 1965-1972. Ish
New Posts  All Forums: