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Sick as a dog, you guys should be glad you can't catch this vile cold over the Internet. Ugh. Today's find. Vintage...short sleeved wool cardigan? Shirt? Where was this intended to be worn? Also if it has a button in the back of the collar, is that designed to keep a tie in order, or just to keep the collar from going sloppy? Also, any guesses on vintage? I say 50s-early 60s, my wife -- who is a font expert but not a clothes expert -- is betting older
Was it shrinkage or is that just Paul Smith sizing? I found a cool M, was stoked...then put it on back at home. If it was an S in real life that would be exaggerating. A thrift I go to has an XL I was going to pick up but...collar fraying. I should go and try it on -- and then we'd know.
I have this exact shirt, I bought clearance at the Orvis outlet. I love the shirt but 3 of those @#$%#$@^#$%$%^& rivets have come off in 2 washings and you can't put them back on. You can't apply the spare, either, as they apparently use heat in some part of the application process. Can't decide whether to take it to the Orvis mothership in Manchester, VT and ask WTF I can get in exchange or...put buttons on it and call it a day. I love the shirt, it's nice, a different...
PSA for all those who have the luxury of Polo, Sak's Off 5th, BB (higher-end) outlets, etc. I did a cruise today knowing that some good stuff might pop up. Places are loaded right now. In particular, the BB outlet had gotten a truckload of retail (not '346') stuff and practically all the store was discounted 60-70-80% off. Now that still isn't perfect thrift prices but the NWT premium is worth it sometimes, n'est ce pas? I looked and looked and looked. There was some gr8...
Boh, Staxringold directly inspired my latest avatar.
Who said anything about funny? We as a group are polite, and take pride in helping others in the stores and on this thread. We on the whole are compassionate and benevolent. But when greedy losers show their stripes...get out of our way. One thing we ain't is a bunch of doormats.
Klobber, maybe it's time we reprise the "if and when it's appropriate to pass gas while thrifting" discussion. I think you had some legit justifications for pulling the trigger...sometimes you need some space.
my pebblegrain find yesterday sent me on a "Great vintage American shoes" Internet reading deep dive. Which always ends up with an eBay tear searching for Nettleton's. Love those. Bought these, on a best offer I'm still feeling guilty about (especially if the seller's one of us, ha...but still way higher than I'd pay for anything at a thrift store FWIW). Hey wait, those f@ckers aren't mismatched are they?
tie wrinklesI have ruined a bunch of ties, ha! What I have learned:Steamer does get some wrinkles outPress too hard with iron and blades flatten/points go crooked irreparablyIron too hot = acetate flambe if that's what's on the other sideIf you get the wrinkles half out, hang ties for a couple weeks and the rest might straighten itself outSome just won't ever come out without lethal force/heatCareful with steam, overuse sometimes causes colors to run/bleed
I started out with "can't be" in my own judgment and then upgraded to "maybe." It's all usually obvious to me. The pebble grain complicates it.
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