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Gone all last week to N'Awlins, combo business & R&R. Ducked into a bunch o great menswear stores on Magazine St., in Lower Garden District, none cooler than Aiden Gill.At the Magazine St. Antiques Mall, this case seemed like it had about 500 sets of cufflinks and another 100 sets of vintage studs...that's an exaggeration, there were a lot, though, tray after tray...the ones I wanted were $50-$80 so I left them, thrifty gent that I am....but just the sight of it made me...
Guys, pat Robertson says your thrift store find might be possessed. So that dybbuk box shit might be for realz (sorry if someone already posted this) http://www.salon.com/2013/02/26/pat_robertson_there_could_be_demons_attached_to_your_thrift_store_finds/
Creepy story time Once I dreamt I was in the same Value Village -- at the same time -- Klobber sharted.
+1There is nothing like a reliable mechanical watch in a well-built case.I used to be a fussy wristwatch and pocketwatch wearer/collector and eBay wheeler-dealer, a little hobby in between consigning sports cards back when there was a thriving market for that (and magazines that would print my articles about trials and travails and do's and don'ts and "what's it worth").After wearing many watches and churning my collection with constant upgrades like we churn clothes, I...
Klobber, Cinnabons kill me. You pull into highway rest stops, they have a Cinnabon going and the place smells like heaven. I bought one. Once. One bite and I about vomited with the overwhelmingness you speak of. I mean, WTF?Thank you.Sort of like the coke dealer doing his own blow and quickly headed down the road to ruin, I bid on Spoo lots myself, once a month or so. I've won some -- even some #FanFreakingTastic exotic Italian snakeskin loafers for, like, $60! Sometimes I...
No man, we just missed you. We need the E to regulate.So, these are the in between super awesome vintage and SF-despised International Meh Florsheims. As far as I can tell.If you're like me, you'll find these will look good, feel good, and you can wear 'em when it's damp out or other hard service when you'd rather preserve your better finds (i.e. when you're out with pals who'll spill beer on them). I even have some recent International Meh Florsheims, Topy'd, for all-day...
Ooohhhh props to Toledo, ohMy parents dressed me in clothes from the Lion store at the westgate and southwyck malls.
RIght! Protein bars, travel coffee mugs and waters make it work! Y U No eat?
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