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Yes rusty -- but not the red kind. Soft and fuzzy. Double vented. Sleeves will have to come up a smidgen but I'm wearing it as is tomorrow, big meeting and then I have to be children's choir dad keeping the little ones in line at 645 Ash Wednesday service...and I love showing off to the organist (this guy, if on SF, would crush us all, he's a trad dandy unafraid of even busting out white bucks when the time is right)...recently found what have to be nwot thick dark brown...
Beers after work with my office mates, feeling a bit free. Moseyed down to the Maxx/Marshall's and they had the Polo wool/leather bags like were posted here a couple days ago but $199 (ugh). Piles of them. $199 Zegna shirts and an Etro coat for $599.But sometimes, you feel a bit free and spend a bit more than you would in a thrift because you had beers after work, a little money in yo pocket, and what the hell...seeing all that thrift store dreck for months on end --...
I know there's some cashmere in here because of the feel test next to an actual 100% cashmere jacket I have, and they feel the same to me. The burn test won't say "blend" or "100%." But thanks for trying!
Dug out. Am I a bad person if I went to local SA at 2pm Friday and was PO'd they'd closed so early I couldn't get one more rip through the racks? They canceled school and everything Friday...but there was, like 2" of snow on the ground when school would have let out. Babies. Heh. Spoo, you have a cutie there! My little girl standing next to 27" drift up to her elbows, that's a yardstick she's holding, she wanted to see how deep the snow was. Pros, help me out. I have...
Amen. Unvented is underrated.SIngle vent, to me, means "look at my ass." I think this is a British conceit I picked up from FLusser or Roetzel books....In other news I am cryin' because I've seen "good Dior" and passed b/c I didn't pay close enough attention to label pics here.
Let me guess, the Canali is unvented? yup It's been 2 solid years hitting stores several times a week, and I probably do look like a doofus sometimes, but I have near 75% of my stuff thrifted now because what I had before sucked and everything I bring home now for me is upgrading something in my closet. I do have occasional Marshall's/outlet stuff (i.e. barbour tweed coats from the sample sale, I've been hitting Orvis outlet hard, too -- anyone within driving distance of...
Just another day in Ryan Macklemore's paradisecoards, marked EU48 approx 32-36 (can measure exact) [[SPOILER]] EazyE Stylee [[SPOILER]] Still trying to wrap my head around Loro Piana Corduroy 44L but the tagz don't lie as Shakira Shakira says [[SPOILER]]
That's what she said(congrats, abed!!!)(I'm really not sorry that poast went a little sideways, it's been great entertainment for a day)
I hope nobody's posted this yet...I especially liked the discussion about shoes 6 Things You Can Learn From YouTube Hit “Thrift Shop” Without Having To Listen To It
Wes and other experienced eBayers: Found this torso-stand combo for $80, am thinking about going in for one. Does it look serviceable to you? Is there anything in the page that says to you it sucks/would break?
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