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Love and kisses, Kat.
There is no good jazz at thrift stores, save a few really beat up Miles Davis records and the occasional Ahmad Jamal and Ramsey Lewis if you're in that sort of thing (I am, but not everybody is).In other news, I don't always wear Bass Weejuns. But when I do, I prefer the 75th anniversary limited edition two-tones they were practically giving away at the outlet...
Thanks Wes. Thanks Spoo & Orgetorix for granting interviews. You guys are the talent; I'm merely the scribe.As some of you have noted it's "quick and dirty" because it's a paper-only pub specializing in vintage/antiques so there was only so much space and I had to zero in on vintage clothing -- I wish I could have interviewed many more folks from this thread!!!!!!! If I get another assignment in this topic area I will definitely be calling upon more of you for the next...
HEY I always wondered what Spoo looked lke in real life. I think we've spotted him!!!! Ferrari Guy For Hire Although I am assuming he more frequently wears a shirt -- the gallery is just for show
Grail = solid gold blazer buttons like 3 lucky thrift threaders have hit so far
AE Randolphs were in such nice shape and hell, they're $365 new right? Cobbler: heels & Topys for New England nasty weather, salt, sand, silt and other crap. Of course the second I sign off for this work, someone here finds the exact same pair in shell Still. In my thrifting I come across three kinds of shoes I purchase: Keepers I baby, awesome shoes I burn out/beat and love every minute of it (i.e. I have some Gucci and Ferragamo shoes that have 100,000 miles on them --...
well, not if he wasn't using a Big Muff Pi, right? PS: I'm a huge fan of distortion myself. Let it rip! oh and let's not leave out the bass players!!!!
I think Patrick enjoys T-Bone Walker as opposed to hard '70s funk or Nirvana
Love and kisses, How old and what was the retail of that sportcoat, experts???? Also, someone here suggested the jacket needed to be "reblocked" because the ticket pocket flap was off. I am wondering, is this something RL did to call attention to that detail, or is it F'D up? Spoo, others, please chime in Thanks
I respect that approach in that setting. Plus who wants to run into their bodyguards?These "reunion/old timer/meet the public" situations are different to me, as they are either paid or unpaid appearances where autographs are part of the festivities. Sometimes they're between paid and unpaid -- meaning travel and meals taken care of by some sponsoring organization. Bottom line: it's a fan-friendly event.If you run into a celeb at a mall or a sporting event or a restaurant...
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