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The thing about social media, mainly, is knowing on which side your bread is buttered
Speaking of avatars, I grew up in Corn.
Updated professional portrait fit pic, taken at recent trade show. Drake's for Spoo tie, H-F thrifted glenplaid suit, BB shirt.
What the hell is this? It's Coach. It's approximately 2" X 2'. Thanks. Also, this is alpaca, bitches, at least you bitches that have an alpaca fetish like I do
On business in Florida today, hitting the chaises between sessions at a conference. Election jitters, hope travel is smooth tomorrow back to Cow Hampshire. Thinking of my favorite online pals today because you guys helped me become one of the best dressed at the conference of 2,000 people on a thrift budget. (And yeah the yellows don't really match out here in the sunlight but I swear under hotel conference space fluorescents they are much closer...playing tricks on my...
Just because I don't post every GD thing I find doesn't mean Spoo has a monopoly on the 'Gamo action
Thanks. My size and everything.I was at a "hub" SA that stocks much of mass and NH (Saugus) and OMFG everything was priced way out of joint (these were $35 and worth it, but my wife would've smacked me because I have so many shoes already if I'd paid that) so I took them up to the cash register and pled ignorance -- "Are these really $35? I can't do that if they are." I was with my 10 year old daughter, and she asked me if I was a senior so I could get half off. Honestly I...
Hola from vacation. Found these BB chocolate surede made in USA. Are they Alden or AE or someone else? Immguessing AE. THx for the knowledge.
agreed. I have 7 or 8 Seikos and other assorted divers. Most of mine are divers, most automatics. This isn't a diver but 10bar, 23j automatic with visible back. Gray market from Japan.
All this Vegas talk....I HATE that town but have been there twice this year on business (working trade shows)...the only thing I like is the food, which is great -- when you're on an expense account. For pure kitsch value I was forced to go to the Peppermill one night OMFG can't miss out. In honor of the Rat Pack for a drink I ordered a snifter of brandy LOL...hidden gem discovery this year has been Lotus of Siam off strip, ever see an Asian restaurant positively reviewed...
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