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BTW I ran into someone who is into military uni's today and he said that those are sailor pants, and they should have 13 buttons signifying the original colonies.He said those pants COULD be very old if they aren't, say, replicas for re-enactors or costumery for theater. Like 1800s-old. Probably not though, judging from the pix.
"Bondage Pants" will be the name of my next band.
I found a vintage Burmel Italy hand rolled silk PS today in my By The Pound. Hadn't heard of this marque before. Can anyone school me on it?
Dudes I'm so excited! Went on a thrift tour today with the mandate of assembling 2 kids' summer wardrobes (motherEFFers keep growing) and I ran into a 1980s American Tourister slimline briefcase. New with tags (damn there's like 9 tags to lop off). Goodwill By The Pound $1.46. My work mobile office has been a medium Saddleback briefcase the last 6 years and it's barely broken in. But I really like this. Will be testing/using for awhile, this thing is slimmer lighter and...
I'm one of the few people I know who believes Johnny Marr was the true talent and the lame lead singer was along for the ride
So to close the loop on my by the pound discussion… I went in today just because… You know, sometimes you get the Jones. They had had a half-price day yesterday. There were no maniacs today considering it was the coldest day in Boston area in 59 years and they had all binged yesterday. Found nothing except a) mismatched (look so evenly worn that methinks they were bought as mismatched seconds by some Maine dude in the first place and worked in/rode his harley with for...
PS if anyone finds Gripfast black and white spectators size 9 (US; UK8 I think) PM me. On my bucket list. They are pure rock and roll. In fact I know a guitarist in a punk band playing Hartford and New Haven clubs wearing those on stage...
Exactly. Well put, Machiavelli MacklemoreBut nowadays it's more about entertainment for me than it was before -- and like you I'm teaching my daughter thrift-fu and she is getting pretty good and developing a very individual style. But also teaching her how to spot/avoid pervs and in the case of our By The Pound situation we're discussing, avoiding getting knocked down by maniacs (or getting hit in the face by flying Reeboks). Looking out for herself.
So the locals who aren't African engaging in this behavior must be stockpiling for summer outdoor fleas, I'll buy vexco's theory. Spoo, there are men in our By the Pound. Couples working together.It's just no fun being there, it just sucks the joy out of thrifting. Good thing I myself have way too many shoes already, I don't need more. My wife calls me Imelda as it is -- for those old enough to get that reference. I bet I'm not the only here who gets that from a...
Yes! Although there are plenty of Swamp Yankees (I say that with love because I look that part too, some days) in ours too.What are the doing with all those shoes? I also notice they pass on high end brands, I've found some OMFG brands left behind...and they never take what I know is $$$$$$ rollerblades, hockey skates and ski gear that the athletes come in and snap up for their swap meets/indoor fleas.
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