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Just because I don't post every GD thing I find doesn't mean Spoo has a monopoly on the 'Gamo action
Thanks. My size and everything.I was at a "hub" SA that stocks much of mass and NH (Saugus) and OMFG everything was priced way out of joint (these were $35 and worth it, but my wife would've smacked me because I have so many shoes already if I'd paid that) so I took them up to the cash register and pled ignorance -- "Are these really $35? I can't do that if they are." I was with my 10 year old daughter, and she asked me if I was a senior so I could get half off. Honestly I...
Hola from vacation. Found these BB chocolate surede made in USA. Are they Alden or AE or someone else? Immguessing AE. THx for the knowledge.
agreed. I have 7 or 8 Seikos and other assorted divers. Most of mine are divers, most automatics. This isn't a diver but 10bar, 23j automatic with visible back. Gray market from Japan.
All this Vegas talk....I HATE that town but have been there twice this year on business (working trade shows)...the only thing I like is the food, which is great -- when you're on an expense account. For pure kitsch value I was forced to go to the Peppermill one night OMFG can't miss out. In honor of the Rat Pack for a drink I ordered a snifter of brandy LOL...hidden gem discovery this year has been Lotus of Siam off strip, ever see an Asian restaurant positively reviewed...
Couple shoe finds -- conditioned, but otherwise not yet polished and generally worked over for wearing out: Tomasian, and they are most definitely shell, but WTF is Tomasian? Shoe experts school me on this one. And my first pair of "good" French Shriners that actually fit me. I put good in quotes because while they aren't the late-model vintage that sucks, they are irregulars, and both shoes have tiny gouges that I'll polish over...but I'll still know they're...
BTW I ran into someone who is into military uni's today and he said that those are sailor pants, and they should have 13 buttons signifying the original colonies.He said those pants COULD be very old if they aren't, say, replicas for re-enactors or costumery for theater. Like 1800s-old. Probably not though, judging from the pix.
"Bondage Pants" will be the name of my next band.
I found a vintage Burmel Italy hand rolled silk PS today in my By The Pound. Hadn't heard of this marque before. Can anyone school me on it?
Dudes I'm so excited! Went on a thrift tour today with the mandate of assembling 2 kids' summer wardrobes (motherEFFers keep growing) and I ran into a 1980s American Tourister slimline briefcase. New with tags (damn there's like 9 tags to lop off). Goodwill By The Pound $1.46. My work mobile office has been a medium Saddleback briefcase the last 6 years and it's barely broken in. But I really like this. Will be testing/using for awhile, this thing is slimmer lighter and...
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