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I have never shaved my armpit hair, i am not sure if I will ever do it now or ever.
I think a one-button blazer can be very good, depending on how and where you plan to wear it to. I hope you will not for example wear it to work in a bank etc. But if you are just interested in the 80"s stuff as you put it there, then I guess you should go for it then.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff there's this one great riddle about all these men and women dressed in black and white and standing around a court , the first person moves and a fight ensues. or something like that. where the answer was 'chess' . i thought it was brilliant. if anyone knows the riddle, please post it. im sure others would enjoy trying to solve it here too. Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands I think I...
I am presently reading: Postmortem by Patricia Cornwell. Very interesting investigation and fiction novel, a Kay Scarpetter novel.
I am happy because my girl friend came to sleep over tonight. In fact, she is sitting right next to me right now. It will be an exciting and creative night, you know what I mean?
So what is the next riddle, now that this one has already been answered. Anybody else got another riddle to keep the show going?
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum hey at least i'm smarter than 90% of harvard grads I guess you can tell yourself that. If it makes you feel any better.
Quote: Originally Posted by Redwoood oh, gee, now that another noob came out of nowhere in support, this complaint seems much more justified now. Yeah very funny. Unfortunately I am not a very big fan of sarcasm, so i will pass.
I seriously don't think your friend is pussy whipped as you put it. I just think he is more of that kind of guy that thinks that everything in this life evolves around love and the person you love. But don't worry if you really like your buddy, just stick around, he will be back to you soon enough when she dumps him.
Transparent moderation eh!! Well I hope to see how transparent the moderation here is since I am pretty new here and already my welcome message is about a member whining about the moderation. Good bless America, God bless Style Forum. Edit: Let transparency ruin
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