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I made it to the front page! Dreams come true
DAYUMDOUBLE DAYUMI would love these one plaza.
We might have to rename this thread Degrassi High
For what it's worth, mine arrived the same way brand new. In brown cxl. It's really just a property of cxl leather. The hot stuffing and chrome tanning process yields a lot of this. I see it in a large portion of the leather my company uses from horween or hermann oak. I would strongly encourage you to keep the boots and embrace the flaws. They look great.
Really wish this thread was more pictures and less sizing questions...
Great buy and congrats. Best boot I own.
Someone had mentioned that if they knew nothing about Shell, they would think its a cheap synthetic material. Seems about right. I can't help but think #8 Alden is the most beautiful leather money can buy. Just me.
@forbritisheyesNo offense taken. I think most guys in the Alden thread lean more towards the classic menswear camp. I definitely am not the typical Alden wearer. I own nothing from Epaulet. I wear a lot of Acne Studios, Burberry, and Dior. I also enjoy some classic menswear staples. Belstaff Trialmaster, Gitman Bros, Filson, and obviously Alden.I have a very proportionate foot to height ratio, which means I have a fairly small foot considering. You're definitely right that...
Are you referring to trousers? I think the current trend is cuffs. In the mainstream industry anyway.I prefer tapered uncuffed. Much sleeker. Without the typical 'jeans hem' I prefer them to be tailored like pants. Granted I have a really long frame. It just complements my body really well.
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