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Still have the roc satin?
WJust got word that we shut down our office Steve. Hope you're blessed with the same luxury today! Definitely covering my ankles!From Dallas,Ross Uhl
No doubt they will fit. I fit my shoes pretty snug. I wear thinner socks.
I wear a 8D in Red Wing 875 and a 7.5 in Indys. 8D on the J.Crew #8 PCT and 8D on Aberdeen tasselloafer
@inn8chiro any update pics on the conversion?
Are you guys pretty weary of buying from Marketplace here? I've had nothing but success so far, but I'm currently looking at a really cheap used pair of Indys. Seller has only posted once, but seems knowledgable concerning product and everything lines up... :/
Another day in King PCTTHE SHINING [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] It honestly sounds like less trouble to just be conscious of what socks you're wearing with any given shoe, opposed to selling off and acquiring anything shell. I wear A. Gammarelli socks and I'd say the cotton blend is a medium to thin whereas the wool is thin, I just keep it in mind and keep the wool and cotton ones serperate in my closet. My non shell shoes are much more forgiving on my sock choices, though.Those tankers look legit.
BB calf tassel
Beautiful boots mate. I especially love the pinking on the toe cap. Are these on the Grant last?
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