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Please don't
Jacket a size too large? The cuffs in particular kill it for me, reminds me of Richard Hammond in 2006. Everything else looks sharp.Edit: nevermind, shoulders are almost too small. I'm very confused by the arm length overall.
I admire the bravery. Walter White wore them... Also, I scored with a chick while I wore Wallabees, so they really can't be that bad.
I don't wash mine until about 1.5 years in and that's assuming they got hard hard wear. Granted I have a pair that I wash really regularly and they might have the best fades yet. It's all really subjective, but that's kind of the fun part. Individuality and authenticity are extremely valued by my generation. Or should I say 'jeaneration' lolAlden
U guyz remember desert boots?
Selvedge refers to the type of fabric used. It is woven on a narrow shuttle loom opposed to modern looms that can span the width of an entire building. A byproduct of being woven on a shuttle loom is the "self edge" of the product. It's a clean end to the fabric. This is usually visible of the outseam of the pant (via cuff). Typically these fabrics are of higher quality and heavier than non selvedge, but that's not always the case. Selvedge denim will usually come in a raw...
Those looks sick man. My AE brush does a good job. My goat hair brush is the only brush I have that seems to be ineffective. Just too damn soft! Curious, is your AE brush a made in USA one?A few days back I wore some pants with a loose hem, speed hooks made my day pretty annoying. Other than that I can't say I've had any problems. The loose hem is really my own fault, not the hooks. Your post had me laughing until I read about the tear. My condolences....
Someone posted (a while back) a description of the modified last and how it fits... I'm really interested in it. I over probate super bad, so any support is appreciated.
Post market casual [[SPOILER]]
Living the dream. Pleasure to be here.
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