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any luck? dropped a piece of hamburger meat on my captoes... about the same color. wiped the site immediately, but the grease/residue sat for about ten minutes before i cleaned with water. stain was left. kept wiping. some color left the leather, but most of the stain is gone. tomorrow i will dab some dish soap on site. hopefully that will bring up whats left over. having lighter leather shoes can really be a pain in the ass. sometimes ill be taking a piss and have my...
I bought my Italian made Belstaff TT back in 2012. The standard to which it is built is remarkably high. Ive not come across a better alternative.When i heard of the newer version of the TT in late '13 I was kind of jealous and a bit sad that i had the "non-membrane" model and was stuck with a product that was obsolete (obviously it's not obsolete, but thats the dumb feeling we get). Romanian manufacturing didn't/doesn't bother me. Nor does it mean a decrease in quality....
You know what they are. Brand new, never worn. Perfect condition. No box, No bags, and No trees. PayPal only. Mark through insole to prevent store returns. $600 shipped.
Hey HRH, fck off. I bought the dumb Veblens in the wine colorway. They were decent. Clunkier than a lwb needs to be. They use horween for the uppers, so that was cool. You are all comparing apples to Ferraris.
check your messages jabroni
how do these size?
Guess what guys, this belt is still awful in 2014.
I noticed the collar looked a little more "cropped". Looks good. I will prolly pick one up eventually.
Ah, yes.Ive read about them and i remember stumbling across some pictures a few months back.More recently NeedSupply had a "leopard head" shirt i though was pretty interesting. It was on sale for 83 i think. Im sure the sell is over now. I had initially planned on picking it up, but ended up finding the micro floral i longed for. Im cool with how it turned out. I will seriously never get tired of the floral print.
Those butterflies are so much more pronounced in that shirt! In the short amount of time I've had my shirt it has drawn a lot of attention (in a good, non peacockish, way). I usually ask people if they noticed the Lepidoptera and they squint and gasp and complement the print even more.I could honestly care less if they love it; in fact, i would say that more people probably think its silly from a distance, but i really really really am floored by the beauty of the print...
New Posts  All Forums: