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TouchéI'm pretty sure they are M58, though. That's what the rest of BB PTB are lasted on. Granted, this could be a curveball. M58 is known to fit and look similar to Barrie, but doesn't require the sizing down. Also it has a pointier toe.
[[SPOILER]] This doesn't specify the last, but it has the BB item # and you could shoot them an email. I would guess it's the M58 last that BB so often uses.
did these ever sell?
That's strange, I've worked professionally in the leather goods industry for close to five years, and the pneumatic or hand operated press that provides the force behind the dies that determine the shape of the cut, is called a "clicker press". I think the entire industry defines "clicking" as using a precut die to effectively stamp shapes out of leather. You very well might be right. The vast majority of leather workers would be using the term incorrectly, though!! Haha.I...
I can respect that. I guess I consider it "hand" grade because they actually trace the clicking shapes to hides before they to any press work. Granted I can see your point also. Obviously you can't "click" leather without a press, but yes they could cut it all by hand. I see no benefit to being hand cut over clicking. Clicking is more uniform and saves them a lot of time = money = savings for us (maybe?). Aside from the novelty of being "hand cut" I'm cool with the...
[[SPOILER]] Looks like you had a pretty terrible experience. I can attest to Alden quality... I have my Grandfather's Tasselloafers from 2004, still on original sole and heel. Never any issues. I've never babied them because they are pretty roughed up on the uppers. While they aren't pretty anymore and are ready for a full resole, their structural integrity is by no means compromised. I wear them harder than my boots, honestly.Now you have a decent argument for the...
Strongly considering send my stock 403 off to get some bling. I had never seen brass hardware on a non-commando stock Indy, but found these at Fransboone (of course). I had originally intended on having mine resoled on commando when the time comes, but I'm currently infatuated with the NeoCork sole. Thoughts? [[SPOILER]] Note: their boots do not have the white accent stitching around the opening. Only one of my boots has it haha.
Really cool to see the King George. Kinda wish it was more popular around here. I can't say I've ever seen it on feet.
[[SPOILER]] God, yes... Everything about that job looks botched. You deserve some reparations.
[[SPOILER]] Honestly, any of the wings. You have a suede and shell in both light and darker brown. I feel like you wouldn't be missing anything if you let them go. Also, when posting from mobile format you can adjust the size your picture's thumbnail appears.When you insert the picture the it will appear as this "width/400/height/800" you can increase the dimensions. I typically double them. So you would change it to "width/800/height/1600"
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