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Fits and modeling has been tweaked and changed over the years with Isaia. Which is to be expected... but this past spring they, yet again, mixed things up. The Formerly "5" body, eventually became the "S" Body. It is now "Sanita". "Dustin" has become "Domenico" etc... fortunately it's not too hard to decipher what's what, but it sure has been a lot of work to keep up with. Isaia (a brand with many quirks) believe strongly in the things they believe. There are a number of...
Hey! Its Drest by Scott Malouf in Lubbock, TX.We are a fairly small specialty store and we don't do any ecommerce, so we don't have our inventory listed on our website. We only have our vendors.getdrest.comFeel free to DM for my phone # and i can hook you up with what we have in stock.
Hey! I have a store here in Lubbock, TX and we carry RRL! Quite a lot, actually. If you'd like any info on my inventory, you can drop me a DM!We try to carry a lot of the core stuff, but we also do some wild pieces too! A lot of cool shit coming in for Fall!
point-to-point 53cm sleeve 70.5cm length 83cm
Brand New with Tags. The Classic Belstaff. Removable belted waist. A rarer olive colorway. From 2012 Collection.
Their wool 7-folds are some of my favorites.What body did you model your jacket in?
Well, I'm not entirely sure why this thread hasn't existed for so long. It's a brand that is well respected and growing incredibly quickly. I personally work closely with the brand in my day-to-day and am always impressed with their most current offerings. Their fabrics are unique to them, construction is second to none, and they have a wide array of fits that seem to cater to most body types. Of course, there is also the MTM program that works excellently. I'm no pro at...
My apologies, I wanted to snap a picture really quick before I got too tied up. Didn't check myself...
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