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All are around 26" to 26.5" from shoulder seam to hem/ end of cuff.
Hello gents, Looking to pass these on quickly. 3 2 1 0! x beautiful, brand new with tags Finamore Napoli shirts including two classic Blue Neapolitan BD's. All size 15.5/ 39. I think that they speak for themselves. Usual Finamore features, hand-stitching everywhere, crow's feet MOP buttons, hand attached shoulders etc etc. Letting these go at $100 SHIPPED CONUS - that's $60 cheaper than even Shop The Finest's price, unbeatable price on BNWT staple Finamore. Price is...
Had noticed this myself. Epaulet 's measurement/ method is wrong - their trousers have nothing like the 12" rise they make a point of on their website. Of course, if you measure it their way, they do (bottom of crotch to top of waistband) If you aren't doing it properly (inseam minus out-seam ibid), then the correct way is from the top of the waistband to the crotch seam.
Exact waist and rise measurements on the trousers could help.
Try Aero Leathers, Scotland.
Not quite right. You can have them sent from France if you purchase from Upper Shoes.
^ details please! Lovely shoe. Presuming they are EG?
Can't tell if serious...
That sounds like crap to me... more like one slipped past the goalie.
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