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Great price. GLWS.
I care. Fuck off.
There was some conjecture about Cheaney using leather from India of an inferior quality, supposedly to include the Imperial range. I cannot speak to its veracity.
All sold, thank's SF!
All sold to Brianpore, who was phenomenally quick out of the blocks! Thank you all for your interest gents.
Evening gents, Hello from Adelaide. Put a classified up in the B&S this morning advertising some Finamore shirts for $100 shipped internationally. Have one left, insanely cheap already but will make it $90 shipped in Aus for anybody on here! Cheers, Alex
Thread updated with pictures for interested parties.
Double post.
Gentleman, this is an interest check. A number of months ago, when I was getting my fit in the Neapolitan shirting brands down pct, I purchased 5 x Barba Napoli shirts from Ian at The shirts are Barba Black Label in Barba's Extra Slim Fit (darted back). Not only have I become too fat for these in the body, but they were too tight in the neck for me from the start. I realise this now! Alas, I thought they would work fine and had the whole lot laundered...
1 & 3 sold, thanks guys!
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