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+1. Every Vass shoe I have ever seen suffers from this problem (except the black ones, of course). They don't seem to be able to do it any less opaque than this.
White shirt worn with blazer and greys at night : Should not be wearing black shoes with a blazer vs White shirt usually demands black shoes & Black shoes after 6PM Which shoes to wear? Do the latter two considerations take precedence? A white shirt worn at night with a blazer is less likely to be a BD (or at least more likely to be a spread collar), so mink suede seems less a less appropriate substitute , and that's before we get back to the fact that it's...
This is a beautiful piece. Any chance of a 38?
There is no way that these have an 11" rise.
So is it tagged as a short or not?
Well, fuck a duck, this is an incredible piece.
Shoe details? They look very nice.
It will look sensational.
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