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Badly needed.
And a Queen.
Who cares? He is fucking awesome.Deal.
Seems to be a bit tight around the waist - makes you look unnecessarily paunchy.
Really? Tell me more.We all must know more immediately otherwise we cannot come to hong kong and have wonderful experience in ravens international mobile service.Can you give more details?
Shame about the flat front trousers, would kop in 48 otherwise.
Complete steal.
That suit is a complete mess. Look at the rise on the trousers, and a single vent to top it all off...Bad value at 80% off.
Are you talking about what might usually be referred to as Vass's "natural" edge trim? There have been pictures posted of it before and it is very nice - I would describe that as being "very, very light".However, it is not really an acceptable middle ground for something like a light brown oxford, which also suffers unnecessarily for the usual Vass edge dressing, as above, and as on any other non-black Vass shoe ever seen or posted.Or are you referring to something else? A...
+1. Every Vass shoe I have ever seen suffers from this problem (except the black ones, of course). They don't seem to be able to do it any less opaque than this.
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