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What you don't want is any uneven or unnecessary wear straight off the bat- that would shit me off. Why don't you try putting some toe and heel taps on? At least then you know you are just going to be scuffing the soles, instead of wearing into them. You might not wear your toes or heels in any way however and what I said will be entirely irrelevant.
Length would be useful also.
Quote: Originally Posted by ShaneB Just been informed that a shoe from Saint Crispin would set me back about £860, Conversely a shoe from Vass would set me back about £420, I was surprised about how much the Saint Crispin shoes are; is there a noticeable difference in quality / construction? I'm guessing from all the praise that the difference is nominal (if at all existent)? I think I'll probably stick with Vass - what are others'...
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood Loafers aren't dress shoes. Especially those ones.
Interested in Corneliani - please post measurements.
Interested in solid blue/grey 36R (preferable) or 38R depending on measurement (also 36/38S).
He's on holiday till the 8th of June.
Quote: Originally Posted by MSAINT Jeez! Both boots pictured above are really fantastic! I really hope I can get a pair of Shooting boots one of these days (no 6.5 so far!) Today wear: Rippon cap toe Would you be so kind as to reveal where your chino's come from?
^ what is it?
Adelaide boy here.
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