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Length would be useful also.
Quote: Originally Posted by ShaneB Just been informed that a shoe from Saint Crispin would set me back about £860, Conversely a shoe from Vass would set me back about £420, I was surprised about how much the Saint Crispin shoes are; is there a noticeable difference in quality / construction? I'm guessing from all the praise that the difference is nominal (if at all existent)? I think I'll probably stick with Vass - what are others'...
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood Loafers aren't dress shoes. Especially those ones.
Interested in Corneliani - please post measurements.
Interested in solid blue/grey 36R (preferable) or 38R depending on measurement (also 36/38S).
He's on holiday till the 8th of June.
Quote: Originally Posted by MSAINT Jeez! Both boots pictured above are really fantastic! I really hope I can get a pair of Shooting boots one of these days (no 6.5 so far!) Today wear: Rippon cap toe Would you be so kind as to reveal where your chino's come from?
^ what is it?
Adelaide boy here.
Quote: Originally Posted by chenzhongbi May I ask where you bought the shirt? Last time I checked, Shop the Finest didn't carry any solid whilte or blue Barba black label shirts, so I bought a striped one. A amazing shirt with amazing fit. x2
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