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Quite right, I thought they were a double. Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe You're comparing apples with oranges. HAF (that terminology might be exclusive to Edward Green) soles are double sole where the middle sole is skived to nothing, once it's reached the waist, so there is only a single layer sweeping into the waist, unlike the conventional double sole where a double layer goes all the way underneath the heel. You can compare a...
None of the heel height to sole thickness imbalance which plagues Vass's HAF sole shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by fishsalad I'm a little disappointed in my new Oxxford 1220 suit. Thinking about ordering from Rubinacci. I'm interested in solid Navy, BB 1818 Fitzerald look alikes, perfectly tailored to my body. How much would it cost me? I heard he charges $US 3,000+ for a suit. Would it be possible to order shirts? How long does it usually take for him to finish the order? I'm thinking of visiting Italy but my time is very limited....
Quote: Originally Posted by lovelux2010 whats the good word on sizing? size down ___?... thanks.. +1
Both spoken for.
Hello there, I see that you note that you are a 7.5 in C&J- can I ask what lasts? Having noted that, are you selling these because they are too small/tight? Could you offer a fit comparison with C&J 7.5?
PM sent for 5 hangers
Can you confirm these are made in the USA?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fraiche Interestingly enough, I was looking at my sole after Day 1 and i did notice the toe part was gettnig scratched up more. I'm guessing it's because of how stiff it starts out to be before being broken in. No resoling on Darltons? Presumably C&J would resole them for you, I cannot see them saying no just because it was sold as a RL shoe.
What you don't want is any uneven or unnecessary wear straight off the bat- that would shit me off. Why don't you try putting some toe and heel taps on? At least then you know you are just going to be scuffing the soles, instead of wearing into them. You might not wear your toes or heels in any way however and what I said will be entirely irrelevant.
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