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Hi guys Long time no post! Have a pair of lovely, BNIB Loake 1880 Pimlico chukkas in dark brown calf which I've just received in error: meant to order the dark brown suede! Size 8.5 UK/ 42.5 EU. Nice dark brown burnished finish. More than happy to pass them onto somebody in this thread at my cost before going to the bother of returning them: $420 shipped. Less for pickup in Adelaide. Hard to get them in AUS for anything like this price these days since the ban on Loake...
Why, so it can look completely average and mediocre on whoever is unfortunate enough to buy it, at whatever exalted price they are unfortunate enough to pay for it?Defeats the purpose, really.
DId you specify a colour for the edging?
Why not?
This is ridiculously exciting. I'm in for sure.
Why don't you fuck off.
Ah for fuck's sake that's a nice pair of shoes.
H. Harris of New York?Pretty sure.
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