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sorry. all the polos were sold
after buying a red wing boot now I'm spending time searching about the wolverine 1000 boot. on no....it's only a matter a time now
^ What a great example. Now everything is clear. I feel like I totally understand the basics. I do want to keep the stylish look so I'll take your advice. And yes, you are right. The people who recomended the Obenauf and SnoSeal where people who used their boots for work wear. Man I can't wait to condition my first pair of boots now. lol
^ Wow, thanks for another great tip. Yes, I will avoid any RW products, as I've read too many peopole NOT recomending them. I do however, read a lot of people recomeding Venitian shoe cream so I'll get that for sure. Now Lexol is a new product I heard today. I thought Venitian shoe cream was going to do it all but I guess I'll have to look into Lexol as well. btw, how do they differ? can I still use the Venitian shoe cream on my 1907's ? also, do you use any protectors on...
^Thank you so much for the step by step insctructions. Now I know what I need to get and how to use it. Again, thanks alot Brian. I don't have any GT's yet but I sure am ready to get one now. I just have to wait for a coupon... btw, I did order the 1907 in size 9. Thanks for your sizing suggestion too. can't wait to get them.
This is great information. Especially for a beginner like me.I would love to hear more about the process so would you mind if you give us your step by step caring tips?For example, do you only use Venition cream? do you let it dry or use the RW brush? do you apply any leather protector?
haha, thanks for telling your personal story.Great to know, I will go with the same size then.Thanks a bunch
^ it's the 1907 Moc toe that I want, and I'm comparing it with pretty much all the round toe red wings. (9111, IR & chukka) So if you wear the same size for both Moc & Round, does that mean the Moc toes stretched out ?
I have a question for those who own the Round toe and Moc toe Red wing boots. I normally wear a size 9 in a round toe, which are tight but after they stretch and break in they fit perfectly. Now I'm ready the get a Moc toe so I went to store and the salesman told me that the Moc toes don't stretch that much compared to the Round toe so he recomended me to go a half size up. Is that true? Are Moc toes harder to break in? Do they stretch at all?
sold. thanks
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