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100k is a big goal now. Have you re-assessed the goal since the OP? I'm new to the world of SF these days so I'll start my posting back where I belong. 24,731 + 40 = 24,771
Holy Hell I haven't posted in forever Holy Hell when was the was the last time Why posted? Holy sweet FUCK go climb a rock... or get a hang board if you just want to train.
Wasn't it you and I that had the convo about how there can be such a large discrepancy between machines/companies and how much weight you can move? Or was that someone else?
U Be Mirin?
Despos has it right. This is likely the result of a poor quality coat. It is very likely fused. The collar does look slightly too small, but not enough to cause that sort of problem IMO. Any alteration from here would not be worth it as shoulder work will cost you, unless simply dropping the collar may help. That all said, I gotta think a crease like that must be involving some sloping shoulder issue you may have.
Price drop 450 to 400. Anyone care to share how I can make my pictures larger? I'm lost on this new system.
PM me if you want some specific info.
1) 38R Dolce Gabbana Camel Hair topcoat. MSRP $2400. - 100% Camel hair - Made in Italy - 4 Button notch lapel - Fly front; fully lined - Slim fit, single vent - Coat has been worn maybe half a dozen times at most. Never in bad weather. - Coat is from the 09 Winter collection Measurements: Length: 38in Sleeve: 27.5 Chest: 21 Shoulder: 18.5 Questions or things, PM me.
Still out of shape. 3k x 2. First was 1:55.0/20-22spm, second 1:53.5/23-24spm. 3 minute rest in between. Even though I'm very out of shape to rowing standards, I can easily outwork everyone on a b-ball court. Stupid people don't know how to hussle
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