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@Tokyocean they're comfortable because it has the stretch to it. Also, I have the indigo wax coated skinny guys they came out a while back in the skinny guy cut, and those are super comfortable @Octacon I went with my skinny guy sizing and they fit good. Really narrow legs and opening on the stacked guys
Stacked guys came in from Barney's today
did you hand wash or machine wash?
I've only worn my red chinos a few times.
here are my fit pics of my red chino's from a few months ago: I tried to stand up super straight for my stance lol
yeah, they're pretty light. I wore them today in 90 degree weather and they did not feel too hot.
painter shirt and N&F x Blue Owl weird guy in red
blue oxford & wax coated
hey F***city, how's the NF x momo skinny guys?
I just like stacks lol. And yes, that is a phone clip; I still have the same razr from 2006
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