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thanks fellas!
Yup, hooded! not waxed though, it's wool/nylon blend.
EDIT: price drop
Acquired from STF in the fall, only used 2-3 times. Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection field jacket in navy, sized 48/38 US. It is unlined, great wind and rain jacket for the spring/fall seasons. Paypal $450 OBO plus shipping inside CONUS; comes with LB hanger. Measurements: BOC: 28.25 P2P: 21 Sleeve from shoulder seam: 25 Shoulder: 17
Hey @FLW , sorry for the late reply - just got home. I've taken some quick snaps with my phone of the measuring tape against the sweater and updated the OP. Hope that clarifies it!
Just gauging interest here. I bought this 100% cashmere roll neck from NMWA as a gift for my old man for Christmas. Turns out my mom had gotten him something similar already. This was ordered as an MTO at the time and priced at $800+ NMWA currently sells it for $765 but out of stock for this particular size. I'll chop off $100 from NMWA's price for the sell. So for you it'll be at $665+shipping inside CONUS. It'll come with the box NMWA shipped with and I can include...
Much appreciated @gdl203 @in stitches
Kopped 2 Cucinelli boots for the winter: Anyone know who the maker is?
Poor Tim
Damn good weekend so far! Hammy is WC, Pacquiao crushes Algieri..... now I just need the 49ers to bring it! (yeah I know...and I'm from DC ) Anyone else think they should do away with the interview post-ceremony? Glad they had Brundle do it... I like Lauda as a driver but please keep him away from the mic.
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