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Might try Luxire? I've seen some members rock soft collars from them - althought I'm not sure if its just lightly lined or fully unstructured.
When do these drop? Or am I late to the party? [[SPOILER]] Also - Greg are you able to tell us if there are anymore incoming winter coats/jackets ? weighing some options but I'd rather support an SF vendor
what's the measurements on the shoulder ?
what's the length like on the 46/48?
Yes, thank you for this! I'm down for whichever date and gtown is more accessible to me, coming from 66
@Osiris2012 thanks for the tip man, I'm heading to a shoe repair place and I'll mention it to them as well... gotta figure out what to do with that hole
Spoo - do you want kind of leather was on those brown simpson dub monks?! its buttery soft!
What's the length?
Thanks man, I'm going to show my local cobbler and see what he recommends.I think that would be more headache than its worth... it doesn't bother me much, I'm moreso looking to prevent this hole from expanding or causing more damage later on.
Awwww yiisssss! Let the bidding wars begin! Got my eye on a few here
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