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deets on this? I don't frequent here much as I'd like
@Ambulance Chaser where at? (I don't follow this thread much... )
*shirt is light blue and pents are baby blue and silver/gray birdseye.... dunno why photobucket be f-ing with my steez
if you guys see any in 5.5UK - holler!
woot woot! Congratumalations Spoo and Happy Born Date!
cheers fellas! glad to have at least had a brew with you all! @unbelragazzo planning the next one?
checking in... and thinking hard. Damn these good deals!!!
Oops! Must've missed your Q! I'm all about sharing and caring @p.henrik thanks man! glad you got me in it!
Thanks fellas! Very happy with the fit as well - definitely a bang for my buck! Pents are Tom Ford
Finally got around to take pics:
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