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checking in... and thinking hard. Damn these good deals!!!
Oops! Must've missed your Q! I'm all about sharing and caring @p.henrik thanks man! glad you got me in it!
Thanks fellas! Very happy with the fit as well - definitely a bang for my buck! Pents are Tom Ford
Finally got around to take pics:
They look amazing @p.henrik! Mine's been stuck on "Clearance Delay" since Friday of last week... It's already inside US, only a few hours from my city - yet the delivery date says it'll be here Thursday. btw - reason for delay is "Animal parts or animal products clearance required" any experiences with this?
oooo, i got lucky to see this thread BEFORE it actually happens I'll plan to be there, barring work-related fuckups
Rare - been sitting in my drawer for years... Had it replaced with an LV planner and forgot about this. I don't have the box and dust bag but the leather is still in great condition and I still have most of the 2006 calendar on there. The replacement calendar is proprietary to BV and I've been hard pressed to find anything even remotely close to fitting this thing. The BV badge/lanyard is not for sale! Just to give you an idea of size $350 or best offer via PP and deals...
This might actually be more casual but I'm putting it here anyway: [[SPOILER]]
Thanks @EliodA
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