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Much appreciated @gdl203 @in stitches
Kopped 2 Cucinelli boots for the winter: Anyone know who the maker is?
Poor Tim
Damn good weekend so far! Hammy is WC, Pacquiao crushes Algieri..... now I just need the 49ers to bring it! (yeah I know...and I'm from DC ) Anyone else think they should do away with the interview post-ceremony? Glad they had Brundle do it... I like Lauda as a driver but please keep him away from the mic.
ah, well good for you man! Thanks for the quick reply! cheers
what're the measurements for this?
thanks @tangshee !
my doods - good chance I won't be able to make it... I'm still at the office I'll have to sit this one out. Have a great night fellas!
Le Stitch - is that the off-white shawl Inis from NMWA? looks more beige/super light brown on my screen
Might try Luxire? I've seen some members rock soft collars from them - althought I'm not sure if its just lightly lined or fully unstructured.
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