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curious - what constitutes an exceptional cleaners? I usually launder and hang dry my shirts at home and take my suits to the dry cleaners close to my house (every few months) and I've never really veered off that.
They didn't burn the body... does that mean he can come back as a zombie? Or maybe Melissandre might do some voodoo and bring him back? His wolf is gonna be pissed...
W...T...F..... that's it! I'm rage-quitting
Wasn't that littlefinger's ?
He did slim both pants and sleeves... though only slightly on the sleeves. I have relatively big arms and I find I don't fit so well in "slim fitting" anything as it binds quite abit.Customs suits are probably in the $1k - $1.5k range... a bit lower if you bring your own cloths.Fitting is usually 2 but you can request more if you're not so comfortable with him yet. I had 3 for my tux... but that's because I changed button stance and lapel width at the back of the neck. ...
Yeah, I'd say there's a difference between service from AH One and Sky Valet. Aram's a pleasant guy to deal with.
Yeah it is fairly hard to judge with any picture.I'm completely satisfied. I don't worry about having to drop off my expensive suits to him for alteration.I've used him for all my alteration needs except when I'm in the city for prolonged periods due to work - I'll go to Fields for convenience.Best Tailoring9126 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22031I haven't yet taken advantage of it but he can do everything by hand for a price.... how much, I have not asked.
Few months, tops. His business is relatively new but he's been in the industry awhile.I'm not sure if he co-owned but he worked with his brother who owns Sky Valet in Georgetown, they've been around awhile.
@Shawl Lapel Yeah, I dropped off my Wigmores for a little TLC It's pretty good selection with the common sizes - I do remember a Hanly in racing green St James 2 in cherry, Hove in vintage oak, good combo of ox and derbs. I did notice quite a few models in TG73. Far corner next to the shoe shelves are G&G belts. He carries JM Weston/Alden/Paraboot as well. I'm thinking super hard about getting Arran's in brown highland grain - it was an earlier group MTO that...
Hey boys, too bad I couldn't make it... I do have a PSA for us: I was talking to Aram who owns AH One shoes in Springfield and he's selling G&G MTO's with the old price plus 20% off The awesome part is, you can do single orders - doesn't have to be group. It'll be good until 4/12 You can do the MTO online in his site, just make sure you call in. MODS: let me know if I'm breaking rules here, I'll take it down asap.
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