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Why do you say this?Disclaimer: I've only followed their stories through mainstream media and not heavy into boxing. Not an expert by any stretch.From what I've taken from various media is that Floyd evaded him in the past - using extreme drug testing etc. then more recently Arum making things impossible due to bad blood and boxing politics.I'm interested in your perspective about Manny shying away from the bout.Again, I don't mean to come off a dick - it's quite hard for...
is this still going on?
anyone heard any updates on the SC cardigans?
thanks fellas!
Yup, hooded! not waxed though, it's wool/nylon blend.
EDIT: price drop
Acquired from STF in the fall, only used 2-3 times. Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection field jacket in navy, sized 48/38 US. It is unlined, great wind and rain jacket for the spring/fall seasons. Paypal $450 OBO plus shipping inside CONUS; comes with LB hanger. Measurements: BOC: 28.25 P2P: 21 Sleeve from shoulder seam: 25 Shoulder: 17
Hey @FLW , sorry for the late reply - just got home. I've taken some quick snaps with my phone of the measuring tape against the sweater and updated the OP. Hope that clarifies it!
Just gauging interest here. I bought this 100% cashmere roll neck from NMWA as a gift for my old man for Christmas. Turns out my mom had gotten him something similar already. NMWA currently sells it for $765 but out of stock for this particular size. I'll chop off $100 from NMWA's price for the sell. So for you it'll be at $665+shipping inside CONUS. It'll come with the box NMWA shipped with and I can include the receipt if you require. It still has tags on it and...
Much appreciated @gdl203 @in stitches
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