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I didn't even know the Coast Guard was recruiting? Cahlersmeyer, Do you happen to know anything about all the TRADOC schools you can go to in the Army and how it works?
That's a viable problem in itself, gotta love being an idiot 17 year old.
I have a tattoo that wraps under my collarbone and goes shoulder to shoulder, as seen below.Warning: Male Upper Body Nudity. [[SPOILER]] I guess the problem is that the tips reach the upper parts of the shoulder.
After talking to the Marine Recruiter, it seems my biggest issue is my tattoo because they are going hard on that policy right now.
Well I think it was arranged between my lawyer and the prosecutor. During my arraignment all we did was set it back a bit so I can show a receipt of payment. Then I get an informal dismissal or a more formal one called compromise of misdemeanor or something along those lines. Hopefully the least informal way.
Well, thank goodness I hired a lawyer! I just had to pay the cost of the textbook to the bookstore, and my case is being dismissed! Best news I think I could have gotten, no trouble and I feel resolved of my guilty conscience. Going to talk to a Marine Recruiter within the week, just found out there actually is one in my town, almost drove a few hours to a different station the other day.
Ran a few miles with my pup
I'd like to say that I can handle it, but anyone on the internet can say that. On the other hand, I'm pretty optimistic person, I never give up, I'm always trying to better myself, when I used to wrestle or if I do MMA now I'll usually just get choked all the way out unconscious or almost have my arm broken instead of tapping.( I don't think that's the smartest thing but I can't give up on myself if there is still even a little bit of a chance.) So I'd like to say I can...
I don't have a felony?I thought it was Secret not TS.http://usmilitary.about.com/cs/marines/a/reconselection.htmbut thank you that is the kind of informed post I am looking for.I still have some time to figure it out, I have to finish this next semester before I can make any decisions anyway and my court date has been pushed back to the middle of January because I hired a lawyer and he is hopefully working his magic.I heard it is a lot harder for Marines to attend school...
So far, I've talked extensively with the Army recruiter. (Only branch in town, which is weird considering its a college town) I plan to speak with USMC as soon as I find out whats happening with my case. (I hired a lawyer, and so far it's been pushed back to January.) I've been upfront with everything in my life, no lies. (I know they will find out everything anyways.) I plan on enlisting Infantry on either. (03xx) (11x) I'm just going to go back to college after I'm...
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