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Habit rather than necessity. For new shoes put a quick coat of reno or cream before I give them a more thorough wax polish.
Meermin plum museums arrived today. 2 months from date of order until they arrived this morning. Pics to come, just slapped a coat of reno on them.
I've sloped shoulders and moderately swole trape and some of my unstructured jackets look a bit like that. It's no big deal.
Just piled an order in for a pair of plum museums.Hope I don't have to wait 6 weeks!
Navy pinstripe suit and burgundy shoes: anyone suggest a few good tie colours? My go to ties for my navy suits are burgundy/grey/silver and I rarely deviate. I'm thinking red?
What colour belt are people wearing with the plum museum shoes? The IRL colour looks a bit more "plum" than the website pics.
Sienna v Napoli question. How do the trousers fit between the two of these? Realistically the Napoli is the slimmest I can get away with.
I was able to wear tweed into april or may of this year. Please send some warmth over.
I checked out the bottoms of a pair of cheaney dainite soles that I got at the end of January but have probably only worn 3 or 4 times since June. Similar thread wear that's been discussed. I'm not worried about about it.
Which of the lines has the most accommodating trousers? I'm guessing the sienna and london from flicking through the thread.
New Posts  All Forums: