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Yeah your pictures are better than mine!
My pics frankly aren't going to capture the boots as well as the photographs on the site, but I just unwrapped these. If the weather is decent tomorrow I'll try get a few pictures outside.
I've spent my quarterly shoe budget already. I'm turning off the computer and unplugging the internet otherwise I will definitely buy those red ones.
Ordered a pair of those carmina balmoral boots on impulse last night. Pictures in due course gents.
Habit rather than necessity. For new shoes put a quick coat of reno or cream before I give them a more thorough wax polish.
Meermin plum museums arrived today. 2 months from date of order until they arrived this morning. Pics to come, just slapped a coat of reno on them.
I've sloped shoulders and moderately swole trape and some of my unstructured jackets look a bit like that. It's no big deal.
Just piled an order in for a pair of plum museums.Hope I don't have to wait 6 weeks!
Navy pinstripe suit and burgundy shoes: anyone suggest a few good tie colours? My go to ties for my navy suits are burgundy/grey/silver and I rarely deviate. I'm thinking red?
What colour belt are people wearing with the plum museum shoes? The IRL colour looks a bit more "plum" than the website pics.
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