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I ended up fraying the laces on the speed hooks on these fellas before I learnt how to work my boots correctly.Any suggestions for where to get decent dress boot laces on the internet?(EU/UK preferred!)
I've ordered a pair yesterday that I'd hope to receive next week. I'll report back but might be too late for you.
Mother of god.
Seeing as we're posting seamasters. Less glamorous than most posts in this thread as I'm currently wearing a hoody with a fairly septic looking hungover head on me. You can bet the bank that the engineers in the Omega factory weren't expecting that dive bezel to be used as a means of timing the cooking of a hungover feast...
Herring shoes give a top down view which may help you if you've already checked out some of their lineup from other angles? http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/loake
Carrying a leather bag by hand is a bit of a chore. I use a canvas bag with a (small) leather trim on the corners and straps which I carry by hand which is a little easier to live with. I know you're not UK based but here's some ideas: http://www.tusting.co.uk/weekender-in-olive-canvas-with-tan-leather-trim-medium-1.html http://www.chapmanbags.com/men/flight-holdall.html https://www.pickett.co.uk/shop/leather-goods/luggage/Canvas-Overnight-and-Weekend-Holdall/
I got the Herring Reading back in late 2011. It's become part of a rotation of around 12 pairs so they're only worn maybe once a week or two. They've survived a few nights on the beer well enough and we get our fair share of rain and crappy weather over here. I think I paid £100 for them and I'm plenty happy with the quality at that price and how they've held up after 3.5 years or somewhat regular wear. They were my first pair of proper suede shoes too for what it's worth!
Yeah your pictures are better than mine!
My pics frankly aren't going to capture the boots as well as the photographs on the site, but I just unwrapped these. If the weather is decent tomorrow I'll try get a few pictures outside.
I've spent my quarterly shoe budget already. I'm turning off the computer and unplugging the internet otherwise I will definitely buy those red ones.
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