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I just went to the Yeoju Premium Outlets in South Korea today and it was not good. I mean, sure they had a lot of stores and a lot of brands, but I wasn't sure if the price to quality ratio was all that great. I went to the Zegna, Brooks Brothers, Brioni, and Hugo Boss stores to take a look at suits, if they were cheap, but I couldn't find anything that I liked in my price range. Most of the prices of suits were above $1000 dollars (except for the Brooks Brothers...
lol tell me about it! i have a couple friends here who almost bought a cg parka but instead went with moncler because of the fakes
Excellent.I live near cheongdam so I will check them out
Had traditional Korean food and a couple ferroro roche chcolates afterwards.
Old thread...but man, I bought a gucci watch about a decade and a half ago when I graduated from high school. the watch cost about 900 dollars and man, what a dumb purchase that was. I still have it, but I never wear it. I want to sell it, but nobody will buy it. Today, I wear g-shocks, swatches, and a Hamilton watch that I picked up in Singapore.
So after about a year and a half of having my Raja suits, I've decided that I need to find better tailors closer to home that I can trust.Since my suits were made, I've lost some weight and the suits are a bit loose, I'm wondering if it's possible to get these suits "re-fitted". If so, how much can suits typically be slimmed down before it's better to just get new suits? Anyone with experience in this?Thanks
Originally from Toronto, but living in Seoul now. I've had my Canada Goose with me here for about 2 years now and the first couple winters, I've probably only worn my CG parka about 5 times. But this winter, it's been -15 or a lot....feels like it's been like that for a month or so, but my Canada Goose has kept me really warm during my commute to and from work. I remember back in 2010, everyone was shocked to see my parka and asked what kind of brand it was...but this...
awesome. I've been looking for a tailor in Seoul to check out. I'll try to visit these guys. Do you know of any other tailors in the city that are worth talking to?
I use this Louis Vuitton "Pocket Organizer" in boreal (navy blue). I had it customized. I usually only carry 3 cards on me and so a big wallet is of no use to me.
I only go to BR to pick up basics. I like their v-neck t-shirts and that's about it.
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