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When will the next drops be? I thought it would happen Jan 26, then I thought Feb 1...still hardly any big drops
the zara one is 80% wool, the other one is 100%..i bought the other at jsut above 200 so it wasnt a huge investment. the quality on the Yoox one is amazing ! and it looks and fits perfect...but you are right, should be worn with more formal attire
do u think it will come back? lots of items in my dream box are "last one available" and i cant decide if i should buy now, or wait till the next drop
Looking to buy some cashmere or wool sweaters...specifically this one listed for just $30 (red) wondering how the quality compares to nicer brands....Also want to buy a pair of slip ons that are basic and somewhat durable and comfortable...uniqlo has a model for $35..what do you guys think? Also does uniqlo run true to size? i am muscular so brands like Zara dont fit me...
i saw new drops today..+ a 10% off..(which only takes the tax off where i live) ...does anyone know if the brand "8" is quality? apparently its made by Yoox and heavily advertised on the site....just not familiar with the fit/quality
anyone know if ANY coupon codes work with final sale items? I used 2 codes that were sent to me in 2 orders that were made a few weeks ago...they both worked on final sale items....i tried the birthday coupon code just now but it doesnt seem to work...isnt their a coupon code for sharing an item on social media?
when will the YOOX final sale be for winter items"?
As I reach my mid twenties I am transitioning more into a formal style. Never purchased or owned an overcoat before...looked at several different models in Zara and on Yoox....these 2 came to my is single breasted, the other is double. Also One is Navy and the other grey...what is your opinion on each in terms or price/quality/versatility? I will mostly be wearing this with some dark wash jeans or...
Just bought this coat for a little $220 after taxes....wondering if I should have waited a bit longer for a price drop but I assume Yoox will honor a price adjustment if it is within 15 or 30 days?! Also wondering if now is the best time to buy or after christmas? I hate buying on final sales though as u cant return things....anyways, here is the coat...wondering what u guys...
hope ur joking
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