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I hate that song kuro its evil.
I usually wear ivory as that was the suit they gave me when i first went over, apparently makes it easier to find me and draws more attention, though im 6 foot 1 and a gaijin so im sure why its so hard to find me unless all gaijin look the same . I've got a couple of linen suits so I might wear those, i wonder how cold the buildings will be, because in winter i found it really hot in the shops and most offices. It was like 6 degrees outside and 30 degrees inside was...
Hi all I work for a big Pharma company and I usually go to the kansai region to recruit subjects and to talk to clients in November when its nice and cold. Now we won another contract which is good but now I have to go back over earlier than usual, heading over at the start of July which I have heard is extremely hot and humid. Ok now to my question, what the frick should I wear? I usually wear my 3 piece suit(its ivory) but I think it would be unbearable as I have to...
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