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Price drop to $75.
These are nice and broken in from six months of hard wear. Frayed stitching around right pocket. Free shipping in the continental US. PayPal only.
Worn them since January doing a lot of manual labor. They are broken in really good with serious fades. Will ship in USA for free.
Price drop $55.
Thanks for the compliment! I've got the other pair, which are much more comfortable, so I'd like to sell them nonetheless.
Price drop $60.
Price drop: $65 + free shipping in US.
Price drop: $70 + free shipping in US.
This is a pair of Imogene+Willie Willies in the original Japanese selvage. The waist is just a shade under 16 inches across, so the waist would be a snug 32. The inside seam is cuffed to 30 with a 2.5 inch cuff. The front rise is 10 inches. The cut is slim. I've put a good 9 months wear on them, so there's definitely some stress in places. But, there's tons of life left in them. I've dropped the price to $75 plus free shipping in US.
Consider the Canes sold. Check your PM.
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