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My glove sizing was way off, but the best was a shirt I bought for my daughter. I had ordered size 12 yrs, they sent size 1 yr aka 12 months. Well, with the Barneys $72 tag attached, I guess it will go straight to our consignment shop.
Thanks! The extra 15% kicker from the NMWA sale did me in.On a related note, my first Barneys sale purchase arrived today. My Chester Jefferies 8.5 gloves were more like a 7 3/4. I already have some 8.5 carpincho gloves from Chester Jefferies so I was pretty confident of sizing, but these aren't even close to fitting comfortably. My wife needed some new black gloves so they are hers. Oh well.
Heschungs incoming! I don't own any grey shoes, and these grey suede chukkas look great. I have some Heschung Crocuses so I'm hopefully cool on sizing.
Thanks for the "super secret discount code!" Heschungs incoming!!!
I can't link directly to the image, but in the gallery for the Clayton model, are those stretch marks in the leather at the back of the shoe in image 6 out of 7? Or is that just the finish? http://sartorialluxury.com/product/clayton/#prettyPhoto I'm also wondering what's happening with the sole of the Ernest model. Not my cup of tea, but is it possible to do a resole on something like that? http://sartorialluxury.com/product/ernest/#prettyPhoto
ELDO Fils de Dieu today. I'm actually really enjoying this. Sort of a creamy ginger thing that avoids the straight up Thai food smell of something like PK Perfumes Ginger Zest du Citron.
Hey, I just got a shipping confirmation for one of my Barneys orders and everything was in it, hurray! The Chester Jeffries gloves were one item I really hoped didn't sell out and they shipped. Kopped the Inis Meain zip up sweater from East Dane today too. That sale has really been great!
Placed 2 orders, received confirmation on both, but neither has shipped yet. I'm expecting a cancellation soon.
Yeah, Vass suede is pretty amazing, congrats!
Did you try the U last? I had to size up in that. I've posted these before, but these Vass from NMWA are are definitely one of the most stunning pairs of shoes I own. Highly recommended!
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