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I always thought it was better to do the opposite, "expose to the right" since the right half of the histogram contains much, much more information than the left. You can then bring the exposure down in Lightroom if needed but you still have much more information in your image than if you underexposed.http://davidduchemin.com/2009/08/exposure-and-metering/
Paging @Crat...I've seen him beat the hell out of his C&Js while fishing and get them looking great again.
The 5 last is one of their most narrow lasts, and quite long too. It's very popular but is an odd fit IMO. I've owned several 5 last shoes in the past, but have sold them all off as it just doesn't work for me. It is not unusual to have to go down in length and up in width in that last. Don't worry about the # on the box, go with what fits best. If you haven't worn the Park Aves yet, I would consider returning to the store and trying other sizes before wearing them.
The Bonafe museum calf definitely seems thinner and more prone to wrinkling than Vass or Carmina, which both seem fairly robust. Perhaps this isn't due to the museum calf itself, but the lining thickness used, I can't really say. It's sort of hard to judge from such a tiny sample size (I have 1 pair of Bonafe museum, 1 Carmina museum, and 3 Vass museum), but to me there seems to be a definite difference between Bonafe and the other two brands.
Bump. It looks like G. Bruce Boyer has a new book out titled "True Style: The History and Principles of Classic Menswear." http://www.amazon.com/True-Style-History-Principles-Menswear/dp/0465053998 Anyone pick it up yet? Any reviews?
Sorry, but the shoes and/or last just don't fit you well. Judging by the gap between the laces and the creasing on the cap, I'd guess they are a half to a whole size too long and at least a width too narrow. For example, if they are 10D, try a 9.5E or something in that last. What model is that anyway?
I'm out of town for a week. It's summer and AdP Colonia Assoluta was the one bottle that decided to make the trip with me.
Sorry, I've been out of town and am just catching up. I actually didn't vote for any of the "A" ties because I assumed they were horizontal rather than diagonal. I much prefer the diagonal bias, so my votes suck. As long as we're diagonal I'm probably in for whatever gets voted on.
Cool idea, just voted. I'd prefer 9cm as well if possible.
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