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Lag DE tonight
I tree them, then brush, then into bags. I guess I'm sorta neurotic about it.
+1.So which one of you bought Phillipe Cousteau's (son of Jacques Cousteau) Sea-Dweller for $184K last night?http://www.antiquorum.com/catalog/lots/rolex-ref-1665-lot-285-199?page=0
Congrats Roger, those look amazing!
The AE Bradley in burg shell would be a fine addition, and would go with virtually anything in a business casual wardrobe. I think that would be a great choice.
You've got a lot of wingtips already. What about something in pebble grain? Maybe this or this? Or go dressier and get an adelaide like this or this:
Heschung suede chukkas, US 7 & 8 left, $239: http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/heschung-two-eye-chukka-boot-503081267.html These are back to $495 on NMWA's site.
No idea myself, but I know Henry Bucks carries Carmina, Church's and Loake. With that type of selection I would assume someone in the shoe department there would be able to point you in the right direction. I'd give them a call.
Well, Rider was right on the money with this. Here's the response I got from C&J:"Thank you for your email and keen interest in Crockett & Jones.Our shoes are handmade, and the nature of a handmade product is that you do get slight variations during our manufacturing process.This is not a design specific feature, but there can be a number of reasons for this occurring. It is actually not a bad thing to have in place, but only if it is a small gap, a larger gap can cause...
FM Geranium pour Monsieur today.
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