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I know he sold at least one pair
This thread has been kinda dead lately, but I just sent a pair of OSB trail oxfords back to OSB for recrafting. $96 including return shipping. Has anyone used their factory recrafting before? I'm sort of curious to see how they come out.
Is anyone a UK10.5D that needs a bargain on a snuff suede chukka? http://www.la-botte.com/4DCGI/voir_us/CHUKKA%20SNUFF%20SUEDE/shoes/men/all-styles/crockett-&-jones/
PSA: Lots of Vass at Zimmermann & Kim on sale for €499. Sizes are obviously limited though: http://shop.zimmermannkim.com/collections/vass
Lots of Vass at Zimmermann & Kim on sale for €499: http://shop.zimmermannkim.com/collections/vass
Not sure if this has been posted already or not, but use code FINAL40% for 40% off all clearance at Frans Boone: http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/winter-clearance-30-use-code-ws30
I was in a similar situation a year or two ago. I went with a Nomos Orion for $1,500ish from a Chrono24 dealer and a Seiko Sumo for $450ish from a Japanese dealer. Those two combined with a B&M Hampton on a SS bracelet, and an Omega bumper automatic from the 50s (both of which I've had a long time) give me a reasonable PMW rotation.
I'm not sure about the "business" part, but the bottom boot is very practical for casual wear, the top shoe not so much.
Um, thanks for sharing I guess, even though this has nothing to do with super heavyweight jeans. Try posting in the Watch Appreciation Thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/518128/the-watch-appreciation-thread-part-two-rolex-patek-philippe-audemars-piguet-jaeger-lecoultre-baume-mercier-and-more/1440_30The regulars in there would love to see pics of your watches.
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