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Well, they aren't used, or at least they have never been worn outside. The marks on the heel are likely just shop wear, from having people try them on. Don't worry about it, as the sole will be substantially more scuffed the first time you wear them outside. The wrinkly leather is another issue though. A few years back AE started their "Rough" collection of shoes which used a more casual leather. In actuality, this is cheaper leather as well and I suspect is as much of a...
Their main donation center is in Lawrenceville, near Trenton. I'm near Princeton so it's only 15 minutes or so from me. They have a Facebook page too:https://www.facebook.com/HomeFrontNJ/You can also support them through AmazonSmile. If anyone isn't familiar with that program, when you are shopping on Amazon just start at https://smile.amazon.com/ instead of the regular page. You can register your Amazon account to support a charity of your choice, and Amazon will donate a...
You can do much better than Mezlan or Magnanni in your given price range of $300-500. Take a look at the first two I mentioned, Crockett & Jones and Alfred Sargent. Here are links to C&J and AS derbies from Pediwear: http://www.pediwear.co.uk/crockettandjones/ranges/64.php http://www.pediwear.co.uk/crockettandjones/ranges/65.php http://www.pediwear.co.uk/alfred-sargent/country-collection/ http://www.pediwear.co.uk/alfred-sargent/exclusive-collection/ Assuming you are in...
We send all our stuff to HomeFront: http://www.homefrontnj.org/ Among other things, they have a FreeStore for those that qualify, and they will provide clothing, resume assistance, and interview coaching to help people escape poverty and homelessness. We try to get our kids involved too, so every year at the beginning of the school year we donate a backpack full of school supplies, buy gifts for a kid at Xmas time, etc.
You have 13 pairs of shoes, but 4 or 5 of them are balmorals (not sure what the Hugo Boss is) and you don't need to dress up often? I would certainly say your next several purchases should be derbies.Sanders is a good value, the others not so much. Paul Evans seems to be ok for the price, and Santoni makes some fine shoes, but generally only at the upper tier. Their lower priced lines aren't as good a buy for the money IMO.Loake's 1880 line (like your Plimlicos) is...
I use a pair of the Vass lasted 3-piece trees in the boot where trees are the hardest to get out. I honestly would stick them in my other Vass boots as well if I could get my hands on a few more pairs.
Thanks! It was a Vass x Shibumi Sen makeup. It doesn't look like Shibumi is carrying Vass anymore, but it was a mid-brown museum calf galosh bal.
Well, some of it is the angle, since it is on the end, but yes it is wider and has much more volume. I actually use an extra sock liner in some of my P2s to cut down the volume a bit. I do wear the same size in both though. U last I have to go up .5 as it has much less overall volume than F.
Hey @IGotId, since we have many of the same shoes in the same size, here's a quick comparison pic. (All shoes were just grabbed as is, some are in need of a little polishing.) From L to R: Vass U 43.5, Alden Barrie 9.5D, Vass F 43, RL Marlow 10D, Vass P2 43 Hope that helps!
I'm pretty close to you I think, with semi-wide feet in the front and middle, but normal heel. I take E width in AEs, but regular width in most everything else. Alden Barrie & Trubalance 9.5D and RL Marlows 10D are all great, C&J 348 last UK9, Carmina Forest in 9 is just big enough, 9 in Rain is fine, etc. I go with 43 in Vass F (shoes and boots), 43 in P2 (a touch big in volume), and 43.5 in U last.
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