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I'm out of town for a week. It's summer and AdP Colonia Assoluta was the one bottle that decided to make the trip with me.
Sorry, I've been out of town and am just catching up. I actually didn't vote for any of the "A" ties because I assumed they were horizontal rather than diagonal. I much prefer the diagonal bias, so my votes suck. As long as we're diagonal I'm probably in for whatever gets voted on.
Cool idea, just voted. I'd prefer 9cm as well if possible.
The sock liners are the leather liners that cover the insole that I posted a pic of a few posts back.
I got them from Vass.I'm not really sure but I'll soon find out. I got the idea from another SFer that I bought a pair of Alt Wiens from. He mentioned after he shipped them that he had stuck an extra pair in the shoes because they were slightly too big. They actually fit great without being glued in so I decided to give it a try with some of my other P2s. If they slip, I'll have to have them glued down I guess.
I have a few P2 shoes that are just a touch big in volume. With too much volume in the vamp of a cap toe, sometimes the cap ends up cutting into my foot when it creases right behind the cap. Adding another sock liner cuts down the volume just enough the alleviate the issue for me.
I have four P2 shoes, and he was kind enough to send me this:They cut the volume just enough to get a better fit on a 43 P2.
Just to confuse things, I'm a 43 in F and 43.5 in U and both fit great. I tried a 43 in U and it was way too tight in overall volume, but a 43 in F is very comfortable. 43 in P2 is just a touch big in volume once it stretches with wear, but Mr. Kuti was kind enough to send me several additional 43 P2 sock liners which when added cut down the volume just enough to make it great for me. I have a slightly wide foot (AE 10E) so lasts like the K are probably not for me.
Hey @mafoofan, have you gotten any shots with the a7R II yet? Just curious how it works with your Leica and Zeiss lenses. I got several pretty good shots at the Rainbow Room last week with my new Fuji and the 35mm f/1.4. Low light focusing definitely sucks compared to my Canon 6D, but the portability factor was pretty great. Shot everything with manual focus (with focus peaking) so I'm looking at some vintage lenses if I'm gonna end up shooting manual. Anyway I'm taking it...
New Posts  All Forums: