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Longrow tonight, no age date. Interesting. Not nearly as peaty as Longrow 10 and it almost has a salty twang like Oban. I don't have any at the moment but I would be curious to try those 2 at the same tasting. Sort of a creamier finish though.
+1. If you thrifted them, you have no idea what the previous owner did to them, unless you were lucky and thrifted them new.
Thanks! Files and a zillion types of sandpaper are definitely things I already have (from amateur woodworking) so I'll see what I can do.
I have a deer bone (probably overpaid from Hanger Project), but how exactly do you polish it properly? High grit sandpaper?
Suede Charltons arrived yesterday, thanks! The Saphir suede brush was a nice surprise too!
Sounds like I need to swing past next time I'm in the village. Love Uigeadail!
Wow, quite an impressive first 2 posts! Welcome to SF!
+1. Nano protector is a really great product and I use it on all my suede. I have no problem subjecting suede to rain and wet weather but I try to avoid salt conditions in the winter. A leather soled suede boot I probably just wouldn't wear during a New England winter.Here's a video Leffot made demonstrating Nano Protector. After spraying they pour some coffee on some suede Aldens and it comes right off.http://vimeo.com/66478043
Not NYC, but Chester Jefferies is my favorite glove maker, and I now have 3 pairs: https://www.chesterjefferies.co.uk/ Everything is custom made to order. For a small additional fee they'll even make 'em bespoke from a hand tracing. Really great company to deal with! Here's my favorite pair.
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