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Does anyone know if these are US sized? If so, is the conversion +1 or +.5? I'm liking these as a casual shoe:http://www1.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/alfred-sargent-pebbled-leather-derby-oxfords?ID=1466348
Do you own them? How did you size?
Thanks! I'm curious to hear how it compares to UK sized 348 lasted shoes.
In my experience it's kind of a crapshoot. Order US but sometimes I think Barney's does 1/2 size conversion and sometimes even 1 size more narrow. From my past orders here's what I think happened with the conversion, although I could be wrong.Clifford - full sizeMalton - 1/2 sizeWicklow - full sizeTetbury - printed US size is actually UK size, i.e. US 10D is actually UK 10D (narrow). In any case a Barneys US 9.5D was both longer and more narrow than my other UK 9E 348 last...
Those look like full grain to me. It's hard to know for sure about those, but a lot of Barneys house brand shoes are made by Calzoleria Harris. Judging from what I can see of the stitching on the sole I would guess they are Blake stitched and are probably a pretty decent value at the sale price.
Beautiful! F last?
PSA - Japanese Chef's Knife sale is on for all knives except Masamoto. Not a huge sale, but looks like most stuff is 10-15% off: http://www.japanesechefsknife.com/products.html
Full size for me except 99 last which is half. Can't recall offhand exactly what my other lasts are although I know I have 724 and 87.
@Crazycarl87, the other thing that has been mentioned but you have apparently not picked up on is that the "Chinese Custom Tailor" jacket is an orphaned suit jacket. It is a suit that is missing the trousers and is not a blazer or SC. Even if you switched out the buttons with horn or corozo or something, with that design and the jetted pockets it will always be a suit jacket that is missing the trousers. As such, even if it was woven from unicorn fur it would still have...
I thought so. The BBBF tag sewn into the sock liner right at the heel was a little annoying, but other than that they seemed like benchgrade level.
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