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Thanks! Yep commando sole. His pic (not mine):
Just got these Indys, thanks @cincikid! Listed as navy they really are almost a loden color in daylight which is something I didn't have.
I ordered a bunch of custom labels as a present for my wife a few years ago. She makes clothes for our kids as a hobby. I really can't remember what company I used and can't find the confirmation emails any more. I'll ask her about it in the morning and see if the box has any info. The place I used was pretty cheap and I got a zillion of them in a custom size and custom (1 color) logo.
I'm not sure where online. Most of the usual suspects like BB, RL, etc, just have standard barrel cuffs. I'm not sure where you're located, but there's always custom. A friend of mine had Carl make some shirts for his son: http://www.cego.com/
See: http://www.styleforum.net/t/228153/the-official-shoe-care-thread-tutorials-photos-etc/10680_30#post_7378436Both @patrickBOOTH and @DWFII made good suggestions you might want to try.
Question - do any of you own Wicklows or Wexfords? My Barneys version of the Wicklows are starting to look like they could use some conditioning but I'm not really sure how to condition the "robust oiled-hide leather," as C&J calls it. I emailed C&J, but I'm just curious if anyone has a maintenance routine for that type of leather.
Thanks! I'll wait and see what they say. I certainly don't care about returning to the original color as these are pretty hard wearing boots. I'm more concerned with conditioning than cleaning.
I dunno. GK is of course great for calf, but I seriously doubt the high beeswax content would be appropriate for these. The leather isn't exactly smooth, but almost has a subtle nap to it which is why I haven't tried Renovateur on them yet. I could try Bick4 I suppose, but I'll see if C&J responds to my query.
Sorry, this is the only one I have at the moment. A month ago I took pics of my whole shoe rotation since I had bought and sold so many in the past year or so. (Pics here, if anyone cares.) The Wicklow is the boot in the middle below. It's obviously a boot that's not intended to be babied, but I would like to clean it up and condition it a bit. I'm just not sure exactly what to use with "robust oiled-hide leather," as C&J puts it.
I have a pair of C&J Wicklow boots that are starting to look a little worse for wear. I have the Barneys version but according to C&Js site these are "made from robust oiled-hide leather." Honestly, I've never done anything other than brushing and trees with these. The leather has a bit of texture to it, so it reflects light slightly differently depending on which way you brush it. I'll email C&J and see what they say, but any thoughts on what to use to condition/clean...
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