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I didn't see this posted yet, but Leffot had some further discounts on "last pair" models. Among other things, they still have a dark oak Westminster in UK10 for $580, and a black Chelsea in UK11 for $612! http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/sale/chelsea-black-202-last.html http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/sale/westminster-dark-oak.html
The only Vass boot I have so far is an F last chukka and I took the same size. I ordered these the same size as well. I'm hoping the P2 boot isn't too big ...
Thanks all! Got the tracking info and they should arrive on Monday! Now I'm ready to skip ahead to fall ...It's kind of a calf version of your awesome shell boot. I'm admittedly way too neurotic with my shell, and wanted something I would actually wear a lot even if there was a 10% chance of rain.I didn't specifically request it, but it does look pretty great like that!
Incoming! Antic Cognac calf P2 Red Brown suede F ]
I've had the Oppo PM-3s a couple of days now. Used them for a music transcription/re-orchestration gig for about 8 hours today and they've been pretty fantastic. Definitely my current faves.
This review was pretty positive for the Oppo PM-3 (mistyped and said PM-1 above, which is out of my range): http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-400-over-ear-headphones/ I've had an Oppo BDP-80 blu-ray player for 5 years or so and have been pretty happy with it, so I think I might give the PM-3 a try. Reviews seem pretty great and my personal experience with the company has been positive. I'll post once I try them for a while.
Wrong pics maybe? Those shoes in these pics aren't Alden.
I found a couple of good comprehensive reviews of this price range: http://www.marco.org/headphones-closed-portable http://www.head-fi.org/t/672743/comparisons-25-of-the-top-closed-portable-headphones-around Anyone tried the B&O H6? I sort of thought of B&O as more of a "designer headphone" but reviews seem pretty good.
Thanks, I'll try to give them a listen as well. I'm a big fan of their speakers (had some 602s for a while 10-15 years ago), but have never tried their headphones. Any thoughts on P5 vs P7?
What else is everyone using in the $500ish range? I'm looking for something over-ear, closed, with minimal leakage. This will mostly be used with my desktop system with a Yulong D200 DAC / headphone amp. (Using Adam F5 speakers with that) Currently I have some AT M50s I've had for a long time, and Etymotic ER-4s for earbuds. Since this is mostly for my desktop, portability isn't a huge issue although if it's something I can take on the road (I'm a musician) it would be a...
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