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No, the formulations are different. As Chowkin pointed out, the Medaille D’Or version is supposedly superior to the Beaute Du Cuir line. As I've only used the MDO version I can't directly compare them, although I can highly recommend the MDO version of Renovateur. They are not the same product though.
Just purchased!
Interesting move to using Modal in pocket squares. I'm sure I'll cave and order this at some point:
I don't have that many portraiture books, but I have Steve McCurry's The Iconic Photographs and Gregory Heisler's 50 Portraits and both are pretty great. McCurry isn't strictly portraiture of course, but he's so amazing at it. You'll know him as the National Geographic photographer who took the "Afghan girl" photograph.
Marlows retail for $1,350 now?!? Damn.
So if she likes Franck's "The Americans" I'm guessing she is drawn to B&W street photography, instead of something like portraiture or landscapes. You didn't specify a budget, so none of these are first editions or anything, but all are good in that style. I made sure to include a couple by women too.Fan Ho - The Living Theatre Arbus -...
Is this up for sale yet? I didn't see a link posted.
One of the best threads IMO was Vox's "Practical Thoughts on Coherent Combinations for Beginners." He deleted it here, but still has it cached:
You've forgotten to credit an 11 year old post from MacForum that you just copied and pasted here for no apparent reason.
You don't have to brush off dust that never lands on the shoe in the first place. Also, I definitely have shoes that don't get worn every month, sometimes even longer, so doesn't it make sense to keep them as dust-free as possible?
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