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a) Sundowners are great boots for actual hiking, but why are you putting all that stuff on them? Maybe conditioner as needed, but wax polish on Sundowners?b) You shouldn't put a wax polish on the parts of the shoe that flex, of course you will get cracking and a whitish haze. Save the wax polish for the parts of the shoe that don't flex, like the toe and heel.
SuitSupply Outlet is live, use code FIRSTACCESS: http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/outlet.html
Subbed, curious to see it too!
Didn't it also used to require some sort of clothing maintenance too? Sew buttons on, fix seams, polish shoes, etc.? Paul Stuart, Mr Porter, and Epaulet sales have sunk me this month, but I'll be in next month if this continues.
Yeah, I bought 6 shirts, 2 sweaters, and then popped in the store when I was in the city last weekend and bought a short charcoal coat that isn't on the website. I'm kinda set on SCs but I did try on a few. It doesn't get a ton of love around here, but the sale has been pretty good this year! Also, I assume most people around here by now know where Ralph Auriemma (Paul Stuart creative director) dumps his samples, but if not PM me.Didn't notice it in store, but I'm oddly...
Great post, thanks!!!
Sorry, I've never owned any gator/croc/caiman other than a watch band. Care to elaborate on how to determine Caiman, and why it is no bueno for shoes? Is it because it cracks easier?
I don't suppose they told you what kind. There are a bunch of species of shark on the CITES list. I'm pretty sure anything on that list would be illegal to import into the US.https://cites.org/eng/news/pr/Sharks_and_rays_high_on_CITES_CoP17_agenda_16092016
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