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Yup, I have the Barneys versions of the Cliffords, Maltons, and Wickows, but had to return the Tetburys. I'm happy to take measurements if anyone wants a US 10D / UK 9E.
I don't have any other 360 last shoes but if someone else has a UK9E in that last, I'll gladly take sole measurements tonight of my Barney's US10D to compare.
This is not sure. The Barney's insole is marked the size on the box, i.e. 4 for a US D. It really is a crapshoot IMO. The Tetbury's are really oddly sized, US 9.5 D was longer and more narrow than UK 9E, but my new Maltons which arrived today seem to be normally sized. (Yay!) Sorry for the crappy cell pics but here's a pic of the box, and they even note E next to the last, but the insole is still marked "10/4." I'm not 100% sure, but I think the Barney's Maltons are US...
Just used it to buy a Caruso SC, thanks!!!
It's a crapshoot, unless you are in the store to try 'em on there are no guarantees. The Barney's Tetbury is on the 348 but I tried a US 10D and 9.5D and the 9.5D was still longer in length and more narrow in width than all my UK 9E shoes in 348. My Barney's Cliffords seem to be the normal US D = UK E +1. I ordered a US 10 in the Malton but I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.
PSA: Barney's sale! Lots of C&Js included: Just picked up a pair of Maltons for $359. EDIT: Not sure why link wasn't working so I deleted it. I'm sure you all know how to find 'em anyway.
Barney's sale, up to 40%! Just ordered a pair of C&J Maltons for $359!
I thought they were Loake by the nail pattern, but the printing and last # is definitely AS.
I've also placed 5 orders from AFPOS, and they are certainly one of my favorite vendors to buy shoes from. @IGotId, I got my Hannovers from them and they have been one of my most worn shoes this fall. I wouldn't have any problem recommending them highly.
Some good "last pair" deals from Skoak: Carmina shortwing chromexcel boots, UK11.5, $300: http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/odd-stock/products/carmina-brogue-boot-chromexcel-1 EG Beaulieu austerity brogue, UK8.5, $685: http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/odd-stock/products/edward-green-beaulieu-in-burgundy-antique EG Malvern shortwing bal, UK8.5, $685: http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/odd-stock/products/edward-green-malvern-in-dark-oak Bonafe...
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