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Thanks Roger! With the exchange rate what it is, and all the recent Vass on B&S I've definitely been on a Vass kick lately.Also, I can't remember if this was already posted, but Zimmermann & Kim has a pretty decent sale on Vass right now:http://shop.zimmermannkim.com/collections/vass
Gold museum incoming!
I'd still be interested in a Rain last snuff suede chukka, but probably only Dainite or Tomir.
Yep black, thanks!
My FedEx guy has been loaded with good stuff lately, thanks @Keal19!
Interesting! What last are the oxfords?EDIT: Are those Armfields? 109 last?
Congrats @Cleav! I have those same suede Charltons too. Did you take your normal size in those, or did you size up? The 99 last runs a bit small IMO. My suede Charltons are fine, but my grain Charltons end up killing my left pinky toe (but not my right, go figure) so I'm letting them go. I'm just wondering how you sized yours, TTS or up a 1/2 size?
You'll have better luck in the Vass thread than this necrothread:http://www.styleforum.net/t/130044/the-ultimate-vass-footwear-porn-thread/15180_30FWIW, I'm a 9.5D in Barrie, 43 in F and P2, 43.5 in U.
Bump & drops!
Bump & drop!
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