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C'mon man, stay the hell out of Express. It's just overpriced mall crap. Virtually anything from Express can be done better for less at many, many other stores.
Gaaah, too late. If anyone got a 9.5 #975 LWB that doesn't work out, I'll take 'em off your hands.
Trying them on is the safest course of action, but I wear 9.5D in Alden Barrie and 10D in Marlow. YMMV.
There is the "Trader Feedback" link on everyone's profile page.
EG Cappelli? (via Exquisite Trimmings)
I'm a sucker for Cappelli. Just ordered 3 of 'em, thanks Shaya!
Essenza Nobile is in Mannheim:http://essenza-nobile.de/Not sure what they have for an actual B&M store, but I've ordered from them online before. It's one way to save a few bucks on FM stuff. Shipping took a lloonngg time though. I had assumed the package was lost, but it eventually arrived.
FWIW, I've used Saphir White Novelys in the past on white sneakers. It actually works pretty great if the sneakers are truly white. I tried it on some off white sneakers once and it looked like crap so I quickly scrubbed it off. There isn't any sort of ingredient list on the bottle, but I don't think it has any bleach. I'm not sure about your GATs but if they aren't true white I would not recommend trying it.
Longrow tonight, no age date. Interesting. Not nearly as peaty as Longrow 10 and it almost has a salty twang like Oban. I don't have any at the moment but I would be curious to try those 2 at the same tasting. Sort of a creamier finish though.
+1. If you thrifted them, you have no idea what the previous owner did to them, unless you were lucky and thrifted them new.
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