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You do not need Dubbin for those shoes. I think Zapasman is right. The creasing in the vamp of course is normal creasing that any shoe will have, but your right shoe has some creasing by the lacing that suggests that the lacing is pulled tighter there than the pattern allowed for. The laces seem awfully close together there for a derby.
Additional 10% off anything (including sale) at Borghini through Valentine's Day with LOVE2016 ( € 500 min.): http://www.borghiniclassic.com/eshop/en/men-47 Works on Lobb, C&J, Tricker's, Church's, Edward Green, etc.
I just pulled the camera from the EXIF info on the pic. For mirrorless I'm using a Fuji X-T1, but I have a good friend who uses both an a6000 and an a7. His a6000 pics are what made me decide to go mirrorless, although I still use my Canon 6D for sports and low light theater stuff. The a6000 is a pretty great camera though. If you don't mind manual focus, you can get an adapter for some great vintage lenses as well.
Beautiful shoes! The Sony a6000 is great too, what lens did you use?
I believe the "correct" answer is to match your trousers as this has the visual effect of lengthening the leg. Personally, I usually match neither
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure these are C&J. Could be a cheap pick up for someone as Brooks Bros kills off Black Fleece ... BBBF Green suede double monks, US 10.5, $279 http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Green-Suede-Double-Monk-Strap/FH00033,default,pd.html BBBF Navy suede double monks, US 11.5, $279 http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Navy-Suede-Double-Monk-Strap/FH00032,default,pd.html
They deduct VAT too so that's about $425 inc. shipping to the US.
Shibumi sale started: http://www.shibumi-berlin.com/Sale:::21.html Cheap Vass!
PSA - Cheap Vass! Shibumi sale started: http://www.shibumi-berlin.com/Sale/Vass-x-Shibumi-Sen-Utsukushisa-U-Tip-Mid-Brown-Suede::1512.html http://www.shibumi-berlin.com/Sale/Vass-x-Shibumi-Sen-Katsura-Balmoral-Brown-Museum-Calf::1513.html I own those brown F last galosh bals and they are awesome!
Just took the dog for a late night walk in Vass Alt Wien, P2, brown scotch grain on Vibram lug-nut sole.
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