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You've got a lot of wingtips already. What about something in pebble grain? Maybe this or this? Or go dressier and get an adelaide like this or this:
Heschung suede chukkas, US 7 & 8 left, $239: http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/heschung-two-eye-chukka-boot-503081267.html These are back to $495 on NMWA's site.
No idea myself, but I know Henry Bucks carries Carmina, Church's and Loake. With that type of selection I would assume someone in the shoe department there would be able to point you in the right direction. I'd give them a call.
Well, Rider was right on the money with this. Here's the response I got from C&J:"Thank you for your email and keen interest in Crockett & Jones.Our shoes are handmade, and the nature of a handmade product is that you do get slight variations during our manufacturing process.This is not a design specific feature, but there can be a number of reasons for this occurring. It is actually not a bad thing to have in place, but only if it is a small gap, a larger gap can cause...
FM Geranium pour Monsieur today.
Sorry if this was already posted, but did anyone see the new Alden x Drake's line? http://drakes-diary.tumblr.com/post/97732242264/alden-x-drakes-we-are-pleased-to-announce-that Looks like only suede makeups right now, but I'm curious to see if they expand it. (Damn expensive though.)
Thanks DWFII!
Franceschetti dark brown half brogue bluchers, size EU44 (US11), $239: http://www.yoox.com/us/44653847AH/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=44653847AH&sizeId=13 I don't know much about the brand, but they look pretty nice and considering Barney's usually sells 'em for $630 or so, it might be a good deal for someone.
I just received my first pair of Goyser welted Dinkelacker boots. I thought the conventional wisdom was that the Goyser welt is more waterproof than Goodyear, but then I saw this post by DWFII where he mentioned that if the thread wasn't properly waxed it could actually wick moisture into the shoe. Do any of you that own Goyser welted shoes do any sort of maintenance on the welt stitching? Should I periodically hit it with some clear wax to keep it sealed?
Dinkelacker's incoming! Thanks @edmorel! I got the UK9, but as of now he still has the UK8.5 available. http://www.styleforum.net/t/422185/volpe-bespoke-jackets-nib-trickers-nib-dinkelacker-boots-and-budas-clearance/0_30#post_7378490
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