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Worth the wait! I'm really liking these! Thanks Steve!
Those are currently pretty beat, but as long as you got a decent price for them I see no reason they can't be rehabbed. They are gonna need a resole asap, so I hope you factored that in to the purchase price. After that, I'd give them a coat or two of conditioner as they look a bit dry, then hit them all over with a dark brown creme polish to even out the color. I like the doubled up stitching on the heel!. FWIW, C&J only does that on their "handgrade" line, not...
My basic routine is brush every on/off, condition when needed, cream polish when needed, wax on toe and heel counter when needed, and brushing between each of these steps. I use a creme polish to cover scuffs and maintain a more consistent color. I use wax for a shine on the non-creasing parts. For conditioner, creme, and wax polish I generally use the minimum amount possible. For wax, I often will mix colors and neutrals, usually ending with a couple of applications of...
+1. I mostly use Shapton GlassStones, and use my DMT stone to flatten them. I also do it every use, and often in between knives too. You'd be surprised how fast they develop a subtle concave dishing that limits their effectiveness.
I wouldn't use a steel on them, especially the steel with ridges that comes with Shun box sets. The micro serrations and chips that a steel like that can create can make your knife initially seem sharper, especially when you are cutting (tearing?) something like beef, but it's not "true" sharpness that you need for chopping, slicing, dicing, etc. At least that's sort of the explanation I remember from the sharpening class I took with Dave Martell (this guy:...
Do not use a honing steel with ridges on your Tojiro!!! All you'll accomplish is you'll create lots of little micro-serrations in the blade.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FStkYx0AH1Yhttp://korin.com/Learn/Knife-Care
It sounds like they were corrected grain shoes, and you've buffed off the coating. There's a whole thread devoted to shoe care though, you should post your query here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/228153/the-official-shoe-care-thread-tutorials-photos-etc/0_30
PSA: code THANKYOU gets 20% off on all J Crew Alfred Sargents right now. I'm not sure if that's a mistake or not, but it's currently working.
PSA: some cheap Saphir stuff at Gentry NYC http://www.gentrynyc.com/collections/saphir Some colors are 50% off including 3 waxes and the dark brown creme.
Cool, I wasn't aware of that shop.
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