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Here's a pair of mine:
+1. The Shinola Runwell is an attractive enough watch I suppose, but I can't fathom paying that much for a basic quartz movement. For example, something like the Stowa Partitio has similar styling, plus you get a handwound movement and display back for only a little more than a quartz Shinola Runwell at retail price. The ETA 2824-2 movement in the Stowa is used in a zillion watches so repairs should be relatively easy and inexpensive.Given their marketing, I actually am...
Pretty good sale direct from Cheaney. Lots of stuff over 50% off and plenty of sizes & widths too: http://www.cheaney.co.uk/sale-c35
I assume if anyone could do that, and it's a reasonably good idea to actually do, then B. Nelson could. Paging @Nick V., who will probably have an answer for you.
Dude, I guess you missed it, but Fok already weighed in on this:To put it in terms your 6-year old granddaughter would understand,And just to contribute something positive, there are cheap Carminas at Quality Shop: https://www.quality-shop.com/world/brands/carminaSince Carmina has now standardized pricing for all sales to the US, sales are pretty rare. Random sizes left, so I guess Quality Shop will no longer carry Carmina after current stock is gone.
For any camera guys out there, Adorama has a pretty ridiculous deal on a Domke Propack 414 backpack. Was $169, now $49 for remaining stock.http://www.adorama.com/DMPP414.htmlSpoiler tagging mine since most probably won't care, but pics and description below. It really is a great backpack for a mirrorless or small DSLR set up. [[SPOILER]]
Great post! Thanks for sharing! You might want to post your Vass pics in the Vass thread too as I'm sure all the other Vass addicts would love to see them.http://www.styleforum.net/t/130044/the-ultimate-vass-footwear-thread-pictures-reviews-sizing-etc/19440_30
Paul Stuart sale started: https://www.paulstuart.com/
This is what I use:I just use the "black" brush for navy as I don't really have enough navy to need a dedicated brush. The smaller Carmina brush I leave on my dresser and use it for dust at the end of the day, and a quick brush before putting the shoes on in the morning. The Saphir brush is for suede obviously.
For shoe geeks, Claymoor's List is pretty good: http://www.claymoorslist.com/
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