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Exactly the same here. Redirect error at home but fine on my phone.
Does that guy buy his pocket squares at Williams-Sonoma?
Laphroaig Quarter Cask tonight.
Sorry if this has been asked before, but are the Sid Mashburn tassel loafers basically the AS Wimpole with a different sole? Or are they another maker? http://www.sidmashburn.com/sale/footwear/autumn-brown-calfskin-sid-mashburn-tassel-loafer.html Pretty good deal on 'em right now if you're a 10 or 10.5 (US I assume from Mashburn?), but I wasn't exactly sure if they were Sargent or not.
Great idea! I had some Heschung gray suede chukkas arrive yesterday. Other semi-recent adds have been AS Moores in black and AS Hannovers. I just realized my pic I had linked to back in post #65 I must have deleted from my Flickr at some point. I'll have to get some more pics up. I'd love to see what everyone else has been adding!How about you DpprDr? Did your G&Gs and Aldens that you mentioned back in Feb. arrive?
+1. I'm up to 4 pairs now and they are really fantastic for the price.If it's in NYC, I'll play!Heschung Nils chukkas arrived today. These look fantastic with dark jeans! Order your Barrie size.
My glove sizing was way off, but the best was a shirt I bought for my daughter. I had ordered size 12 yrs, they sent size 1 yr aka 12 months. Well, with the Barneys $72 tag attached, I guess it will go straight to our consignment shop.
Thanks! The extra 15% kicker from the NMWA sale did me in.On a related note, my first Barneys sale purchase arrived today. My Chester Jefferies 8.5 gloves were more like a 7 3/4. I already have some 8.5 carpincho gloves from Chester Jefferies so I was pretty confident of sizing, but these aren't even close to fitting comfortably. My wife needed some new black gloves so they are hers. Oh well.
Heschungs incoming! I don't own any grey shoes, and these grey suede chukkas look great. I have some Heschung Crocuses so I'm hopefully cool on sizing.
New Posts  All Forums: