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Alright, I'll bite this obvious flame bait. I can't believe someone would say, in earnest, that our own military facility would be considered an "enemy camp," and anyone who takes it directly is being obtuse. It's much more reasonable to think that he was likening the lack of support for Obama as being "like if he were an enemy camp," or a camp where Obama is seen as the enemy. Still hyperbolic drivel that came out way, way wrong, and of course makes him look like an...
I don't think Uniqlo jeans nor Thai levi's look good when faded, in person. Hell, I don't think Diors fade very well, either. They CAN fade, but they don't look very good because of the impurity of the indigo. Regular Ralf selvages are pretty much bare minimum in indigo quality for me. Nothing matches the depth of high end jeans with high end indigo. Flat Head, Warehouse, 5EP are on such a different level, but you'd never know if your only sample was from pictures.
The Seoul AnnD store is a nice work of architecture as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 Maybe there's an unsustainable number of midmarket lines right now. I know I'm not jealous of store owners who buy stuff they think is great and in line with tastes only to see it sit on the racks. This is a given.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one I realized from Gravitas' comment that we just had this conversation in here not too long ago. Aren't you up pretty late brah? went drinking for my b-day, alcohol keeps me awake. japanese lesson in about 7 hours. Giving it another shot in a few.
Random fashion thought: tried on a few sweaters from various Jpnese brands, N. Hoolywood was disappointing, favorite was a Julius cardi priced at 36,000円, but I don't want yet another mid-grey sweater. I haven't had a chance to check out Stephen Schneider yet... i want to see if the navy cardi with the geometric grey detail fits well or is as good quality as it looks based on the south willard site. MMM is only marginally interesting to me at the moment and none of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one yeah, but minus the Jil/Raf, Junya, MMM and Rick that (some) people here like, most of the rest that people get into, talk about, that is all just mid market. I have some different notions about the midmarket than others maybe but there's a whole lot there actually; they're not quite expensive enough to be high fashion but it's not the cheap stuff either. That's a lot of room to play in, and there's a lot you can...
Take it to the cesspool. Douglas: The rule change may not solve all of CE's problems (nor did I think anyone expected it to), but it's a good rule nonetheless. I can't think of a single forum of any significance that allows members to post nothing but a link, with no quotes, no commentary, no images, nothing but a link and a snarky line with a /facepalm. In bigger forums, people who do that are banned on the spot at first offense. So even if it may not be a long term...
If that was the last episode of Californication ever, I'm fine with it. The very last scene justified pretty much the entire series to me.
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