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Yea Grenson's hand grade is really good stuff, its just a bit boring compared to their much cheaper Rushden line. Compared to Edward Green's they're beaters, but regardless the quality is still on par with a lot of designer label shoes that cost 3-4x the price.
Man I wanted to get into Borderlands because conceptually its the kind of thing I really love, but my friends have all told me it's just not that fun of a game. You'll have to let me know what you think.
Braid and GoSurface, both awesome.
Gimmicky but cool. It's been a really long time since any company has dramatically changed the mouse interface succesfully.
I think the window of opportunity for someone like Big Nog to beat Lesnar is shrinking by the day, as Lesnar is clearly getting better and more polished, fight by fight. However, I think someone like Nog who has an iron chin and top-level jiu jitsu could potentially be the achilles heel for a one-trick pony like Lesnar. Obviously his size and strength are the biggest obstacles to overcome.. and they are indeed huge obstacles. Guess its more of a hope than an actual...
The goal here seems to be to buy a wardrobe that's essentially mundane to the point where no coordination is required, as everything you own goes with everything else. It works both ways - Red Wings / Indys with selvage jeans (SF uniform), or distressed leather and drapey knits in various shades of grey (SZ uniform). It works, but it's mundane. Thinking of people I know who have natural steez like impolyt_one and Fuuma, they have diverse wardrobes and can pull off a...
Big Nog is definitely A-list. 100% honesty here, I think he can beat Lesnar.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I would be in those in a minute but I'm going the alden route to steez out junya style. Daaaamn, no I didn't see those. Fuckin fire, man. The green looks great but won't do it for my color scheme.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma I dunno, while there are some interesting pieces the latest collections leave me somewhat cold.I liked the first of the cropped pants/suits thing he did. In the end it will never even remotely touch his women's garments. To me Junya's FW09 is really great. It's my favorite collection of the FW09 season that I've seen. That may be because I haven't seen anything this season that has resonated very well with me...
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May I hereby distance myself from the tongue-bath everyone is giving Junya's dick on here since this weekend-ish. It's okay, but does not make my sf-approved socks roll up and down. Recent trend noticed that I have not expressed outwardly previous to now, but someone else may have: brand / designer gets hype and love on SF, everyone says they've always liked that brand / designer (and some are a bit pissed that everyone's...
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