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I voted good because they offer a male ear to whiny girlfriends when you don't want to be around to hear your gf's stupid fucking shit, but you can trust he wont try to touch her vagine.
A month ago I was in the magazine isle of a Tokyo bookstore with my girlfriend. I was looking at Men's Non-No and she was checking out Safari (a Japanese mag centered on western celebrities, essentially). I basically said "I don't read that mag because I don't think American celebrities are stylish. It's fuckin boring." Here I am talking shit on my own people in my Uniqlo white v-neck, black leather jacket, 5ep jeans and brown boots. She was flipping through about 20...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma At its worst the forum is like a pack of dogs or small children, quick to hate or worship in succession. I've often thought of the forum like the Romans are portrayed in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. For some reason, that portrayal of a soon hot/soon cold public has always stuck to my mind. People will blindly listen to whoever sounds like they know what they're talking about when they don't plan on (or can't...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol this is total BS, i like a lot of the styles here that i would never consider wearing myself, people love to say shit like this without finding any way to explain it I have no problem with your style and you posting fits like everyone else. I wouldn't look dress that myself, but I don't begrudge you for sticking to your own aesthetic - it's something a lot of members here could benefit from. It's just...
No I think the general tone is 100% spot on. This pattern of behavior is somewhat of a recent phenomenon, because only recently have people begun being disappointed with where the forum has steered them – but as has been said accurately by others, it's impossible to please everyone. There is quite a bit of commercial interest in the forum. These affiliates keep us alive and we help keep their doors open too (though SFers are tough customers, so I doubt we actually help...
WTB's actually work?
Would look good with cloak je- oh shi..
Sounds very uncontrol-ninja to me... except the oversized business.
^^ word. The WvG talk stays in the WvG thread. Anything after this post gets deleted.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser Dan Henderson has signed with Strikeforce. They must be paying him damn well for that. Maybe that or he just wants to be the champion somewhere and knows it's not so likely in the UFC.
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