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Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Well, the collaboration belt came out just after I got married, and I've been married over 4 years now, and that collaboration took place a couple of years after I'd been really into Engineered Garments. I first saw that quick release belts at Drinkwater's in the first winter I was in Boston, so, late 2003, which would mean that I started to post about them in early 2004. That's, geez, closing in on 6 years...
On that note, I remember the very first time EG ever showed up, you were harping about the quick release belt. That was like 4 years ago now?
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Now I'm not saying Rogers will win, because I don't think he will either, but how many people foresaw Brown pounding Faber twice? I know Fedor's a monster, but I'm kind of wondering if people are too sure of his victory. It's because I just can't foresee a circumstance where Rogers has any sort of legitimate match-up advantage, outside of his size - and such a thing has never halted Fedor in the past.
Dude, you just got owned by Xenox
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I just wish he didn't look like an Armenian guido RE: Bret Rogers- does anybody actually think he actually stands a chance? The fight wont last 2 minutes. If Bret Rogers wins, I won't post here one month for every punch he landed. The only people who think Brett Rogers will win are those who just want to call it on the 1% chance that it happens so they can brag about being right later on.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD I'm not sure how I f'd this one up, but a girl who was seemingly all over me for the past two weeks has suddenly completely lost interest. Went through my normal routine for Jpnese girls, which has a pretty high success rate if I get them out once. Whatever. Trying not to beat myself over it. I love living here, but a teacher's xpm-9pm work schedule is horribly non-conducive to...
Yes. Petrosian lit the man up. Petro is a really tough match-up for Sauwer. His left kicks are brutal, he's always coming in on Souwer's weak side. Even tougher than Buakaw, probably because he attacks straight on, and Souwer has great center defense. Not to mention he is FAST.AS.FUCK.
Fedor hasn't taken many punches when you consider the length of his career, but he has been hit incredibly hard in the past and has never been knocked out. The way I see it, the fight has two likely possibilities: a) Rogers comes out aggressively, possibly lands a shot and Fedor takes him down on an opening and subs him or GnPs him. b) Rogers doesn't play aggressively at the start and Fedor just breaks through his defense with accurate uppercuts.
Speaking of Zaromskis and Strikeforce:
What is Zuffa doing to piss people off that would put their position in any sort of compromise except among hardcore MMA fans? You could probably make an argument that hardcore MMA fans are probably not even a significant force in the UFC fanbase, because they (we?) are less likely to actually buy PPVs than soccer dads and ex frat boys who put the fight on after the Eagles live DVD finished playing at the neighborhood barbecue house. But I agree that it would be...
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