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I can't stand ties and wish I didn't have to wear them to work every day.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rosenberg that shit would not fly at the mcdonalds by my house. he would have been violently removed by the rest of the line also, how big of an asshole do you have to be that you think mcdonalds will deliver for you? McD's delivers in Asia.
Late to the party again: Aeglus / Eason, during my whole time in Korea, I never got sick a single time except for a minor cold. And I ate Korean food and Kimchi like crazy. Maybe that's the solution, not the problem?
RE: the Cosmic Wonder sweater, thanks for the positive comments, I love it - the weave is incredibly unique and intricate. RE: mail. Christ I don't even want to think about how much of a bummer its gonna be when I go back to the USA. In Japan, if you miss your package you can go to the post office 24/7 to pick it up. It's ridiculous.
Potential Manton voters need to consider how die-hard Matt's constituants are before they make any rash decisions. Should the poll go inter-forum and Manton is put up against Cruiser, can we be certain that Matt's voters would back up Manton as SF's representative? I think Matt may have a better chance against Cruiser (the obvious candidate in opposition) because his pinksunglass-wearing legions won't vote for someone so staunchly opposed to brightly colored eyewear, yet...
Quote: Originally Posted by blam89 anyone know where to kop this besides blackbird (out of stock i believe)? 65,000 yen, there's one left at the Julius store, I can grab it for someone if you don't mind the ridiculous exchange rate (+ my expenses, of course).
It doesn't rhyme if you don't know the correct way to pronounce most French words.
For some reason I can't find the Cosmic Wonder thread, I could have sworn someone started one. Anyway, was roaming Daikanyama with thomas h.street yesterday, walked into lift position, fell in love with the cosmic wonder star of david sweater, insta-purchase. I finally found a new knit that I really like.
RE4 has awesome replay value and RE5 is basically RE4, so I imagine it has tons of replay value. Uncharted 2 has really good online play, as does Killzone 2, if you like shooters.
Manhoef got signed to Strikeforce, going to fight Lawler on December 19. Christ, that sounds amazing. Hopefully it actually happens.
New Posts  All Forums: