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Great photos. Looking forward to the results of this project
Think you've got this right.Ideally, they should be snug and not overly accommodating. However, for the sake of comfort, you shouldn't be buying them too tight, despite what has curiously become common wisdom advising otherwise.There are myriad options these days for slim jeans in high quality raw selvage that will achieve the desired look. If you just don't like the sagged, stretched look that indevitably happens when you don't wash your jeans for an extended period, the...
I have long lost faith in my team this year. My friends who do not watch soccer and only know a few names like Rooney and Gerrard are beating me in a landslide in their first year.
An Atletico fan? Not the greatest time for those boys at the moment, eh? Did enjoy seeing Turan's amazing skill last week, however.
Saw these Walk Overs at a store out here and was really impressed with the quality, considering the price. Might buy a pair soon.
The English teams are an embarrassment to the Premier League right now. Our top two teams are struggling, United against minnows, City perhaps more understandable given their competition and lack of experience, but they really should be getting more results. And now Chelsea is danger of a CL exit after losing 2-1 to Leverkusen. Also that Boateng goal was pretty incredible.
Have you guys seen this? It's absolutely appalling.
Serie A has been good so far this season. Milan and Inter both look pretty crappy. It may be Juventus' year.
Meh, it's hard to say which is better 'quality' because you'd have to define that as well. Fouls are called a lot more often in Spain - players have more time on the ball and more space in attacking, so retaining possession is easier, passing is easier, and shooting is easier. David Silva can create goals out of thin air at a pace beyond what is required in Spain. To me that's more special than Fabregas scoring loads because he has way more time and space than he did in...
You're both right and wrong. Not going to get into this argument because it's a stupid as Mac vs PC. I'll enjoy both, thank you very much. Also this forum is horrible on an iPhone. Also I'm stoked to see Valencia doing so well - Emery's playing two left backs vs Barcelona was brilliant and exposed Guardiola's lack of tactical nous. I'm also enjoying the mini implosion of Real Madrid, and Atleti scoring buckets.
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