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To me, the EPL is not the best league because the quality of football is best - I think there's excellent football being played all over the world. Udinese last season played some beautiful stuff, as do Dortmund and Porto, and of course Barcelona always. The reason I love the EPL most is because every week, there's at least one big surprise, and the amount of big games and 'must-win' games every season is huge. Towards the end of the season, the relegation scrap, the 4th...
Miserable week for me!! Ugh! Still many weeks left to go, though. It hurts me to see Simpson sitting on my bench with 6 points instead of Clark, who played something like 15 minutes for Villa and got me one single point
Indeed. I was really cheering for West Brom. They put up a surprisingly good fight - many people (myself included) thought United would walk all over them.Shane Long's shot wasn't exactly a screamer but it was enough to put them on equal footing. It looked like 4-2-3-1, but would they possibly go with a 4-4-2 with Long/Odemwingie up front? Seems like they'd make a great pairing - a tricky, quick striker like Peter and a great hold-up player with pace and strength like...
You couldn't really get more bandwagon than City.
Interesting results this weekend so far, with Liverpool and Arsenal both being held to draws on their first games. I feel like LIverpool really should have won their match. Suarez's penalty miss was atrocious, really, despite the fact that he played well for the remainder of the first half, and Richardson should have been sent off with a red, no question. Downing's powerful run down the middle that ended in a screamer ricocheting off the woodwork was a huge disappointment....
Yikes. Well, you had two good midfielders, anyway (and RVP is great\)
"Eto’o is leaving," Internazionale CEO Ernesto Paolillo was reported to have said in a text message to Bloomberg journalist Tariq Panja, who has a close relationship with the Italian club."He is going to the Russian club."http://au.eurosport.com/football/serie-a/2009-2010/eto-o-to-join-russians_sto2903519/story.shtml
Also, my team this year is a fucking killer. Way, way better than how I started last year, no doubt.
There's a football/soccer official thread that I made as well for PL trash talk and such shenanigans.
Came in here to post the same thing. I was busting up. Best episode in awhile.
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