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Which year of Junya did you try on? The leather varied from year to year. The original ones with camo lining were lighter than the later tartan-lined ones.
On Carrick: Form matters, and where that is concerned, Carrick is in the worst form he's had for years where Gerrard has improved quite a bit in his new role.
I just finished AFFC, not looking forward to going back to Dany chapters.Then again can anything possibly be worse than "I'm looking for a girl of three and ten, with auburn hair." That was just awful.
Some of the side plots on the show that aren't in the books are kind of stupid. As was mentioned, "Yara" raiding Ramsay's keep was done pretty poorly. That said the show does wonders to cull some of the less pragmatic parts of the books.
I think Mackay is a good coach, but you really should have stuck with Clarke, as you said. I guess he may have "lost the dressing room" as the cliche goes, but WBA were great under him last season and it was proof enough that he should be given time. I hate seeing managers fired as short-term solutions, especially ones doing great work such as Moyes at United.It's bad enough seeing them get the blame but it's especially bothersome when you talk about people like Clarke...
Considering this project is being designed, not just made to measure from a template body, 6-8 months is a good time frame. Do you guys really want a super heavy leather jacket for the summer season? These things are warm
I'm 145-ish. Pretty damn skinny. I do get most of my stuff size M here in Japan. Very conflicted on what size to get.
We're pretty similar and I'll be going for a small. Think we'll be bang on with the fit on this though, I'm not worried it won't be slim enough.
Earlier @Thurston Bros said that a split back design enables them to get a better, more tailored fit.
Great photoshop work. Jacket looks excellent.
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