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Fok, what jacket model is it? VAJ-3?
Literally one post in and people are looking for excuses and rushing to defend this racist. Never change, CE.
Pretty glad to see Chelsea go out - the way they play is an awful embarrassment considering their position and their riches.
it's fine open without the belt IMO. Pharell rarely makes anything look good, to be fair...
Is the derby jacket new? I admit I know little about Vansons models. It's almost like Vanson just decided to make it on their own once CdG stopped production after AW10. It's damn near identical. The pocket size and angles, collar and lapel size... I can't spot any differences in the design.
Well we need to find a balance between having too much going on and being minimal. Keep in mind that we have a specific model that we're using as inspiration. I like the derby jacket that was posted earlier in the thread as it's basically the same jacket as the Junya. With side adjusters instead of a belt and some tweaks to the upper areas it could be just about right.
I love the term "sausaged out", it's very descriptive.
Are there any particular shops in Tokyo that you do business with? I get the impression that some places order from you frequently.Edit:Here is the VAJ-3I would make the arms slimmer, the shoulders less square, and the armholes slightly higher. Length and fit through the body are a-ok, but double riders tend to be a little shorter, don't they? Wouldn't want to go much (if at all) shorter than that. The model is like 175cm too, so he's on the shorter side.
Any chance we could get fit pics with Batman-style nipples pasted on? Based on the rider that I wore (C2) it would definitely need to be 2, maybe 3" longer to fit in with the kind of trousers most of us wear. question for Thurston bros: is there a stockist in Tokyo that carries your Japan slim/super slim cuts? I'm really intrigued by Fok's impressions and I'd like to see how it fits on my frame Here is the Junya x Vanson with side adjustors visible
Thanks for the helpful info. Looking forward to @LA Guy's impressions on the sample.
New Posts  All Forums: