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Considering this project is being designed, not just made to measure from a template body, 6-8 months is a good time frame. Do you guys really want a super heavy leather jacket for the summer season? These things are warm
I'm 145-ish. Pretty damn skinny. I do get most of my stuff size M here in Japan. Very conflicted on what size to get.
We're pretty similar and I'll be going for a small. Think we'll be bang on with the fit on this though, I'm not worried it won't be slim enough.
Earlier @Thurston Bros said that a split back design enables them to get a better, more tailored fit.
Great photoshop work. Jacket looks excellent.
We definitely need a second label in there, not just the standard Vanson tag. I'm down for belt or belt-less - whatever the rest decide on.
There are pics on page 18, we're not going much slimmer than that, just removing some of the excess around the upper portion. The armholes are staying the same.
Fok do you already have a mock-up? I can draw one up for you if you PM me the details.
What do the watch guys think of Point Tec's Junkers F-13? I know nothing about watches myself but going over $700 or $800 is too big a hurdle for me at the moment, but I would like something stylish and automatic. Was just browsing some watches locally and thought this was the best looking one they had. It's just under $600 on...
but we could request it individually, correct? I wouldn't mind paying up if it's truly top quality stuff.
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