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It looks fantastic.
This latest episode was such a disappointment. I liked the opening scenes that showed some parts we never saw in the books, Sansa's part was really well done as well. It's clear that, thank god, parts of AFFC and ADWD are being set up for some streamlining. But the fight at he end was just poorly done. The Mountain didn't look threatening at all, no where near the level of infamy he had. He was slow as molasses. The death was well gory and befits the way this series likes...
The Warlocks that Dany had to escape from also clearly had some supernatural powers, though they were amplified by the option she drank.
Having looked at the options my choice would be split back and yoke, both.
What do you think of the weight and thickness of the calfskin used on the Margiela 5 zip moto? It's pretty thick, but it's not as stiff as Vanson's comp weight.I might go with the z150 leather. The veg tanned horsehide sounds great but throwing an extra 400 out for it is too much for me these days. I think Thurston refer to z150 as "light comp"
You must have an 07 model then. The 07s were really heavy - the heaviest of any of the collabs, and it was the only year that used CdG-supplied leather. It had camo lining like the 08s, but the 08s were a bit lighter and had a little bit of a sparkle to them.
Which year of Junya did you try on? The leather varied from year to year. The original ones with camo lining were lighter than the later tartan-lined ones.
On Carrick: Form matters, and where that is concerned, Carrick is in the worst form he's had for years where Gerrard has improved quite a bit in his new role.
I just finished AFFC, not looking forward to going back to Dany chapters.Then again can anything possibly be worse than "I'm looking for a girl of three and ten, with auburn hair." That was just awful.
Some of the side plots on the show that aren't in the books are kind of stupid. As was mentioned, "Yara" raiding Ramsay's keep was done pretty poorly. That said the show does wonders to cull some of the less pragmatic parts of the books.
New Posts  All Forums: