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Real are indeed a strong team but this Bayern team on song should put them to the sword. Should is kind of the operating word here, I share suspicions with many others that Guardiola's removed a lot of the bite that made Bayern so impressive last year. The last few months have seen the midfield become too congested, with little impetus in wide areas, and Muller hasn't been able to run rampant. I guess I'd like to see the record broken finally and have a CL winner actually...
I will echo Luc's sentiments here. I'm in so long as the fit doesn't deviate too much from the Junya jacket.
Lots of Japanese stuff and mmm pants. Smug looking face came attached to body
Argetina are serial underperformers. But there's no question that they have a strong attacking line up. Agüero, Messi, Pastore, Di Maria, Tevez, Lamela and Lavezzi all offer different things in attack and all are extremely good players. Argentina's problems are generally in midfield and defense.
It's interesting that there's really no "group of death" this time around. Of course the English media is portraying their group as the "group of death," but as far as competition goes I wouldn't place Uruguay or Italy in the top echelon with Spain, Argentina and Germany. You'd also need at least three strong teams to be a group of death. Sorry, England, but that's not an honor you'd qualify for. I'm excited not just for group G, but overall the competition just looks...
Breathing down your neck, Clockwise! Gerrard continues to shine and get me differential points. Only 8.7% ownership is unfathomable. He's the second highest MF in Fantasy! Had him for two months now and he's scored or assisted in literally every game bar maybe 1
I did at first as well (and it's a steeper sale), but I can't tell if it's just the photo or not, but the shininess of the fabric is a slight turn-off. I like both quite a lot and it looks warm as hell.The question that comes up is that Wrong Weather says IV is a Med, V is a L and VI is XL, where the other site (and some here) say that IV is actually a standard S/36.The second one is available on a Japanese site (for an exorbitant price) in a size III... Decisions,...
or http://www.wrongweather.net/shop/product/armenian-blue-wool-jacket Which to buy, which to buy...
Great second half performance by Liverpool. Lots of standouts in a team that has had very little to speak about aside from an exceptional forward. Clockwise, I have no idea how you're so far ahead on Fantasy but your team is monstrous. I'm still in third, though. Not giving up the fight but I may have to settle for a CL spot.
A fortuitous win for United. Absolutely devastated. My heart hurts for Rodgers – fucked over in the transfer window, individual defensive errors and shit refereeing. We should have had 3 from City, 3 from Sunderland and at least 1 today. Football is depressing. Add to the events of the game that a large group of United fans chanted "Murderers!" and other vile chants after the game finished. Unspeakably poor form.
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