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Cynical, but honest answer: Uniqlo.
Fuckin hell, football. Most entertaining game I've watched in years, that Norwich/Liverpool game. Also never felt so exhausted without actually moving for 90 minutes.
Send me a PM.
Christ in heaven I have fallen so far behind on the abbreviations used here. Who is JE? Agree that they look great. Aether's fit is also great. Edit: Ahhh, John Elliot I assume. They do look very nice. Similar hue to the fabled 5EP.
Plagiarism is the highest form of flattery.
I've been by their store on accident. Was pretty impressed. Kinda wish I could justify more boots, looking at those pictures.
Just phone pics but some of them came out nice.
Yeah I'm just judging it based on my experience living in Korea, I think it'll take a lot of persistence and pestering to get anything out of them.
They probably want to help but are afraid of doing anything that puts their name in a potential lawsuit. I imagine lack of legal experience compounds that. They're also going to feel it's unfair to go after money that they didn't know was scammed out of customers in the first place. What exactly are we looking for as an end result? That they sell Drew's share in the restaurant and give you the money from his share to distribute to customers with unfulfilled orders?
I'm sure there will be lots of stock in Japan, I'll gladly proxy for anyone who wants to make a substantial buy.
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