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Many thanks. Going with a IV then if the legs are slim. Great price.
Excellent photos! Thanks for the write up
30-31" waist is about a IV, no? Or is it a V?
The burgundy really is a beautiful shade. Can't say I see myself in any of those coats personally, but I do like the hip-length burgundy jacket. Might try to land myself one.
A little civility would be nice
And absurdly expensive in Japan. 110,000 yen for 500 Euro shoes.
Can't wait to see what the new Junya x Henrich Dinkelacker collab looks like close up. Up until now everything has been very English from Junya, so it'll be interesting to see what he does with Hungarian style shoes. Seen some acorn color full brogue derbies but couldn't make out much of the last shape in the photos.
The cotton blouson doesn't look bad, and there are a few other small basics here and there I'll probably look to pick up. I imagine the shorts are pretty well-cut for their price. Hoping the linen shirts fit well, too.
Cynical, but honest answer: Uniqlo.
Fuckin hell, football. Most entertaining game I've watched in years, that Norwich/Liverpool game. Also never felt so exhausted without actually moving for 90 minutes.
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