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Yeah I'm just judging it based on my experience living in Korea, I think it'll take a lot of persistence and pestering to get anything out of them.
They probably want to help but are afraid of doing anything that puts their name in a potential lawsuit. I imagine lack of legal experience compounds that. They're also going to feel it's unfair to go after money that they didn't know was scammed out of customers in the first place. What exactly are we looking for as an end result? That they sell Drew's share in the restaurant and give you the money from his share to distribute to customers with unfulfilled orders?
I'm sure there will be lots of stock in Japan, I'll gladly proxy for anyone who wants to make a substantial buy.
I'd take in some of the length on that selfie stick first. Maybe trade up for a little girth. For real though it's gonna cost you as much to get those jackets fixed as it would be to buy something new that fits from the start.
Same for me: one pair in the bag, one pair on my feet. Usually something functional and something stylish.
Yeah would prefer it tucked in or with something substantial/relaxed
Great fit, Mok. The scarf is a bit much with that pea coat though, probably just the contrast btwn sleek, dark fit and wild colorful fabric. DM leather is a bit hit or miss isn't it. Those aren't the corrected grain type are they? I believe DM calls it "polished"
Thanks guys, good to hear it from people more knowledgeable than myself, though I kinda knew it would come down to that one in the end.
Because I have no affiliation with him now and have no way to get in touch with him. I'm only just learning everything from Reddit. I would help if I could.
Very clean fit, spacepope!
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