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Thanks guys, good to hear it from people more knowledgeable than myself, though I kinda knew it would come down to that one in the end.
Because I have no affiliation with him now and have no way to get in touch with him. I'm only just learning everything from Reddit. I would help if I could.
Very clean fit, spacepope!
What are the experts' thoughts on the ~800 USD Stowa Flieger Baumuster? https://www.stowa.de/lshop,showdetail,2004g,en,,flieger,fliegerbaumuster-b,8,Tshowrub--flieger,.htm
Yeah I realize now that I worded that post a bit too kindly, and I understand why people are taking issue with it, having been scammed out of their money. Sucks.
You don't mention price, so the first thing that comes to mind is Vass F last, which has a rounded narrow toe and nice contrast in width.
You're right, it'd be much more helpful to discuss the size and shape of the giant penis on www.drewkeith.com.
I didn't offer you a story in place for a fair refund and I'm not making any attempts to restore his credibility. Having just got caught up with everything that went down, I'm just a bit sad that a friend who was doing so well could fall so hard. I never asked you to care.I'm sorry, and shocked, to hear that people have been scammed out of a significant amount of money.
Well that's clearly not what I meant given that I said I don't see him as a victim in this scenario. I don't know exactly how everything went down but I suspect what was going on in his head is a far cry from the picture people are painting of him. Really sad to see what he did, just given that I know him, I'm not so keen to make assumptions about where that money went and what his intentions were.
The Made in England Docs are absurdly overpriced. They run 40,000 yen here at the DM store. I wanted to buy some Siano Docs for my wife but they felt like garbage in my hands, shame because they're pretty cute and my wife likes em. Makes it worse thinking how I paid that same amount of money for brand new Tricker's Stows.
New Posts  All Forums: