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but we could request it individually, correct? I wouldn't mind paying up if it's truly top quality stuff.
I trust your judgment on this. I would like to see the upper arms made slightly slimmer. I suspect that may be necessary for balance's sake with the other tweaks being made.
Not worried just wanna cover all angles so were completely satisfied.
True, if he has bulk in his lower body from biking, then that will skew the weight distribution quite a bit. Though even disregarding the difference in body size, I'd still want the jacket to be slimmer than it is in that photo. I think it could just do with being more close-fitting overall - narrow shoulders/upper back, slightly in at the waist, and as you said it could actually be let out a tad in the hip area. Looking at the last pic, it's quite tight around the hem,...
Well the jacket fits him really well with the exception of the shoulder area which is too big. For me personally I would need it to be slimmer. For reference I am taller than the model and 20 lbs lighter, so obviously if I put the same jacket on as him, it'd be too large (as most American wear is), and the jacket is a size small, isn't it? I am what is a typical 46 for designers who design skinny/slim clothing, like most Japanese designers including Junya (obviously not...
Looks beautiful on the hanger, but pretty mediocre on the person.
Isn't ours going to be very close to that last one? Bicep zip, hand-warmer pockets, belt-less with adjustors and no coin pocket.
Damn that sounds sexy.
Cool man, looking forward to seeing it.
Fok, what jacket model is it? VAJ-3?
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