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Every time I pick up and use a non-Apple smart phone the first thing that pops through my head is that it feels like a cheap plastic toy. I'll switch over when Android is acceptable as an OS and the phones actually feel like products that are worth what they cost.
Man, Fifa 13 is exactly like Fifa 12 but with more misplaced passes. Defender positioning is a little better but I don't feel like I want to pay $60 for this year's iteration. Ah well. Maybe I'll wait for a sale.
Wow, Gudjohnsen in Seattle. Never thought i'd see that.
That's pretty hilarious. Eboue is such a character... love that guy. The fake twitter account quotes are almost as good as the real ones, too.
Interesting. Good about on Swiss Ramble by the way. I read that blog religiously. I must have missed that part about Chelsea though. After their seemingly bottomless spending this summer it seemed like they were just up and tossing the idea of FFP qualification. CL money does go a long way to recouping expenses though.By the way, I'm sure you've seen the info about the new TV money coming next year? Teams that get relegated will earn more money than City did winning the...
It is not really like Arsenal except that the end result is that they sell their star players.The situations surrounding the clubs are too different. Arsenal is playing in the strongest league in the world – they're under more pressure to perform as the competition is stiffer, and the stage is bigger. They wouldn't sell their star players if they weren't getting picked off and coerced by teams offering more money. Arsenal would rather have RVP, Cesc Fabregas, Gael Clichy,...
Why do you need a purpose or end-goal? It could be that you like someone, want to be close to them and things naturally take their course, which leads into an exclusive relationship. It's not like you sit down over coffee with a notepad and weigh the pros and cons of officially considering yourself a couple. Or do you?
Indeed. Lord those are beautiful cardigans.I haven't bought anything from SS in awhile except a shirt that was Japan-only, so I had to pay Japan-price. Is SW the only American stockist? IIRC their mark-up is pretty significant, though certainly cheaper than where I live.
No, not quite, unless you're being extremely generous with your math. Porto doesn't get those players as cheaply as is reported (for example the 5.5m fee for Hulk was only for 50% of his rights, when they ponied up for another 30% of his rights, they paid 13m-ish), and they also don't get the full fee in return when they sell them since they rarely own 100% of the players. Again bringing up the Hulk example, the reported fee is 60 million but of that 40m was paid to Porto,...
To be fair I don't think Villas Boas really said anything wrong. While Lloris hasn't really said or done anything to make headlines up until now, knowing the rest of the personnel in the French national team, would it surprise anyone that he's stirring the pot and making a fuss, even this early in his Tottenham career? This is the team that has: Patrice Evra, Yohan Cabaye, Hatem Ben Arfa, Yann M'Vila, Samir Nasri, etc. It's a stunningly high ratio of petulant children to...
New Posts  All Forums: