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Thanks! I'm in again this year. Hopefully my all-fullback defense, my all-winger midfield and my South American frontline does me some good. My team:
I havent had any trouble on the new site with my iPhone. My team is set up for the moment, except for the caveat that Rooney will be making way for Ag├╝ero when that signing comes through.
Go Suarez. And I'm thrilled about Japan's victory. Even as an American, living here in Japan and experiencing the amount of strength of character and willpower it's taken to recover emotionally from the Tohoku tsunami disaster, I was pulling for Japan 100%.
They do the same with South Park. Not sure why but CC likes to split seasons into two halves.
Luka Modric's transfer request leaked out on to the net!
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino Out of the country currently. In Uruguay (I know, right?) but with it being one of the coldest winters they've experienced in years, no one is out and about. I've played futsal at their indoor places, but I'm missing full on 11 on 11. What do you think of Uruguay? I've never been but heard it's a really fantastic country, and the most progressive country in South America. Also, Luis Suarez
I joined a local Futsal team. For those unfamiliar, Futsal is basically 5-on-5 mini-soccer. It's generally played indoors, but it's not like indoor soccer because there are no walls - balls that go OB are kicked back in. I play outdoors on a turf / pellet field, but the place I go to is a little higher end. Anyway its a blast and the guys that play with me are insanely talented. One of my friends is helping me train, he played soccer professionally in Japan, Australia and...
I developed a nasty amount of stomach acid over the past few weeks and started taking an antacid, but it hasn't been working at all. In fact, my stomach has been being a rancid little shitter lately and is keeping me up at night with indigestion and bathroom runs. So imagine my feeling today when I go back to the pharmacy and learn that the "antacid" I've been taking isn't an antacid at all, but a laxative. Fucking foreign languages and their incomprehensible medical jargon
Let's be grown-ups now. Inter-forum drama is so 2008.
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