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The thing I can't stomach about RVP going to United is the whole "I'll always be a gunner" ass-kissing. To go to United, of all teams, shows that he has no idea what it means to be an Arsenal supporter. You can't save face with the fans when you leave the way he did.
Momentum for the FA Cup final, repaying the fans who show up at the stadium, dignity, etc.You should never just roll over and admit defeat.
Another awfully embarrassing display at Anfield. Kenny obviously is looking to rest the team before the FA Cup Final, but this Liverpool side is seriously lacking in depth if they can't beat Fulham at home, even with a second string side.
I have never read the books and I don't think of GOT as a story for one person in particular. I'm fond of too many of the characters to say that any one does or doesn't deserve more time over the others. I would like to see more of Jon Snow because I generally like that character archetype in fantasy stories but his particular storyline is a bit boring, so I'm not complaining too much at the lack of screen time.
I'm not sure if it's intended but this show is a pretty poignant portrayal of how self-indulgent and entitled my generation really is. I'm enjoying it.
I don't agree with the supposition that Valencia in would have meant more time on the ball for the likes of Yaya Toure - he's not bad defensively. Much stronger than Nani, for example, who along with Ryan Giggs did next to nothing the entire time they were on the pitch. Rooney and Park closed down well, and Carrick did his job well as he usually does.I'm not sure we're on different pages, anyway. I think the reason United lost wasn't because of poor tactical decisions,...
I just don't understand why Ferguson didn't attempt to bring in some real width. They've got one of the better wingers in the league (Valencia) who can put some dangerous balls into the box - throw enough of them in and eventually one will go in. Instead, you had Phil Jones with crosses that would embarrass Bebe.
Great photos. Looking forward to the results of this project
Think you've got this right.Ideally, they should be snug and not overly accommodating. However, for the sake of comfort, you shouldn't be buying them too tight, despite what has curiously become common wisdom advising otherwise.There are myriad options these days for slim jeans in high quality raw selvage that will achieve the desired look. If you just don't like the sagged, stretched look that indevitably happens when you don't wash your jeans for an extended period, the...
I have long lost faith in my team this year. My friends who do not watch soccer and only know a few names like Rooney and Gerrard are beating me in a landslide in their first year.
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