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He'll show his class over the season, no doubt. I'm sure we'll see him pop up with goals here and there, but I don't think anyone can expect another season like he had last year.Kagawa was United's best outfield player, but during the most decisive moments he was often stepping on Rooney's toes. I think both players like to play in the same sort of manner, and it draws further questions about signing Shinji, who would be better served at a team that press and push higher...
Pretty much invisible. It's almost as if he was an unnecessary signing and Ferguson should have looked at the gaping holes in midfield, where United rolled over and took whatever Fellaini felt like giving them for 91 minutes.
Burton, you my friend need to calm down. There is a reason most people do not like Manchester United. Stop adding to it.
Playing both RVP and Rooney would mean that to fit in Kagawa they'd have to play some kind of 4-3-3 amalgamation. Kagawa would have been much better at Arsenal, Man City, or Spurs. United won't play to his strengths unless they change their style of playing. The Japanese newspapers here are saying that his position will be on the right wing. I suppose they could push him out there if they must but Shinji is absolutely dire on the wings. I think he'll have trouble getting...
I still can't wrap my head completely around RVP to United. It just doesn't make sense. You would think that a central midfielder would be their very top priority. All of the games they lost last year were lost because they couldn't control the midfield. And Evra has been at fault for buckets of goals over the last two or three seasons and it's clear that while he's great in the court room he's been terrible as a defender. United needs a new left back badly. Ah well....
No, not everyone is a mercenary, just those who play for Spurs.
So is this show actually worth following? I missed out on Mad Men when it was new because I thought it was going to be an anachronistic Entourage set in the 60s, but was sorely mistaken and am now playing catch up. I didn't particularly like the pilot episode, but has it gotten better since then?
I'm in Auto-renewed, actually.
The thing I can't stomach about RVP going to United is the whole "I'll always be a gunner" ass-kissing. To go to United, of all teams, shows that he has no idea what it means to be an Arsenal supporter. You can't save face with the fans when you leave the way he did.
Momentum for the FA Cup final, repaying the fans who show up at the stadium, dignity, etc.You should never just roll over and admit defeat.
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