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I saw that. Really nuts goal - we almost never see stuff like that in the Prem.
I'm happy for Arsenal. I want them to succeed in the CL, just not in the league. Leave 4th place for 'Pool, please
Indeed. I can tell you one thing for sure: I dont think many people expected Bolton to come up with 6 goals in the first two fixtures! And with their horrible initial run-in, I was loathe to put a finger on any of their players. Eagles, Muamba, Cahill and Klasnic have been fantastic!
Modric not playing vs. United because his "head's not right." Imminent move to Chelsea?
Dempsey, Downing and Aguero all disappointed me this week, not to mention Kompany and Hart both coming away with 1 point while I left El Habsi on the bench. At least I correctly played Simpson on the field. What REALLY hurts is Enrique on my bench. No question he'll get at least 2 bonus points, more likely 3. Jarvis will add some points for me, thankfully, but even with Jarvis and a good performance from Young, I'll be lucky to hit 40 points. =\
Indeed, Liverpool's performance was very disjointed and broke down in the final third. That said, the boys defended pretty damn well and didn't look like conceding except for a shaky moment when the ref didn't call an obvious free kick. Adam lets too many passes go astray, and Henderson just isn't pulling his weight yet. Fulham taking a beating right now!
Man I am getting trounced this year. Two weeks, two low scorelines. City still have to play, which includes my keeper, but ugh.
That was a heavily depleted Arsenal side. I hope they pick it up this season and show what they're made of. I'd much rather a top 4 with Arsenal in it than City or Chelsea. But if it comes to Arsenal or Liverpool in the CL spots, I'll take Liverpool any day of the week! Vermaelen would have done wonders for Arsenal if he hadn't been injured all last season. His positioning and awareness is fantastic. He was the real captain today.
I can't help but feel that this is Liverpool's most legitimate chance at getting points at the Emirates in a long time.
To me, the EPL is not the best league because the quality of football is best - I think there's excellent football being played all over the world. Udinese last season played some beautiful stuff, as do Dortmund and Porto, and of course Barcelona always. The reason I love the EPL most is because every week, there's at least one big surprise, and the amount of big games and 'must-win' games every season is huge. Towards the end of the season, the relegation scrap, the 4th...
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