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The first jacket, 5-zip moto.Maybe the Vansons I've seen in Japan are imported and not made to Japanese specs, but they're still pretty beefy, especially in the arms.
TOJ jackets are basically a 1:1 copy of the iconic Margiela joint with a few minor modifications.
It was difficult to pick who their star players were last year since all of their main attacking threat (Ribery, Robben and Muller) were all outstanding. Robben and Muller scored in the CL final, but Ribery tore Barca to shreds. Ribery is playing like he just doesn't care as much these days, which is a shame, but he's always been a bit of a prima donna, so it wouldn't surprise me if mental issues got in the way of his football.We'll see what happens next week anyway. I...
'Slim' is a really subjective term and we're gonna need to clarify at some point exactly how far we're going with that. To me the appeal of this project is not only that it's being made to a high standard with real, quality leather, something you can't get from a Toj joint, but truth be told you can get that at any time from Vanson/Aero. What sets it apart is the fashion stylings, like the high armholes and sleek silhouette. The Junya jacket is exceptional, and it'd be...
Bayern kind of play like Barca without Messi. I feel like Heynckes did a better job exploiting the players' abilities when it came to tactics and formations. Ribery and Muller were incredible last year. Though it must be said, Lahm as a defensive mid has really shown just how good a player he is. Never misses a beat.
Real are indeed a strong team but this Bayern team on song should put them to the sword. Should is kind of the operating word here, I share suspicions with many others that Guardiola's removed a lot of the bite that made Bayern so impressive last year. The last few months have seen the midfield become too congested, with little impetus in wide areas, and Muller hasn't been able to run rampant. I guess I'd like to see the record broken finally and have a CL winner actually...
I will echo Luc's sentiments here. I'm in so long as the fit doesn't deviate too much from the Junya jacket.
Lots of Japanese stuff and mmm pants. Smug looking face came attached to body
Argetina are serial underperformers. But there's no question that they have a strong attacking line up. Ag├╝ero, Messi, Pastore, Di Maria, Tevez, Lamela and Lavezzi all offer different things in attack and all are extremely good players. Argentina's problems are generally in midfield and defense.
Either I have too much faith in people or you guys don't understand tongue in cheek humor, re: Trayvon.
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