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That screen you got is the 'Kernel Panic' screen. I don't think you can get it from a virus. What I would do first is get your OS X install DVD and use that to boot the computer (hold down option while it's booting up, then select the CD). I'm nearly positive you can back-up your data booting from the install DVD. Back-up whatever you have that's important, then run the Repair Disk function from the Disk Utility (acccessible from OS X Install disc boot). After you've...
Pretty much what you said, indesertum and Don Carlos, but I wouldn't have put it so scathingly. Good example:WOW!!! EPISODE 8 was badass!!! ooomgg [[SPOILER]] Bad example:WOW is a badass. Episode <#> is the shit. I'm loving this show! [[SPOILER]]
Of course you can talk about the latest episode in the open - what I meant is that if you're going to use spoiler tags, especially without prior warning to the contents, people who are up to date on the show shouldn't be spoiled by clicking them. Cool?
I've actually seen some Battlestar Galactica (my mother is a fan), but I couldn't get into it. It falls into a big group of sci-fi and fantasy shows that have a severe lack of verisimilitude, and that stops me from being able to enjoy it. Anyone seen Luther?
Just to be clear: This thread should have absolutely no discussion of the book series whatsoever. If you want to discuss how the books pertain to the TV show, use the other thread that was made for that purpose. This is for Game of Thrones and has no relation to A Song of Fire and Ice. As far as we're concerned in here, the books don't exist. No hiding it spoiler tags, either. Spoiler tags are for discussing the latest episode, not for ruining season 2 or 3 for everyone.
Just do it yourself? Costs maybe $30 for the set up, much less if you just iron something on. Infinitely cooler though
Those KMWs are beat as fuck dude. How much longer do plan to extend their miserable lives? Looks cool though.
Nice Zissou. I don't know what I'm going to buy to replace my 5EPs. Nothing fits as well as them or Diors, but Diors don't develop any character at all over time.
My 5EP x Styleforum jeans:
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