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Friend of mine said Aguero would be benched for Tevez so I traded Aguero (my captain) for Dzeko. The result? Aguero hat trick while Dzeko watches.
Scored this screamer online the other day with Tuncay on my shitty 65 skill team (ultimate team). Bring on 12!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gshqi3QFe_M&feature=youtube_gdata_player
I've got my eye on Ruiz. He is a very good player, scores the kind of classic Dutch goals that Cruyff or Van Basten would be proud of. If he starts doing well I'll pick him up for my third slot (have Long there now)
Why Harry Redknapp is no longer the manager to take Spurs forwardScathing, and accurate article about 'Arry.
Jeez dude. Nuts! If I had captained him I'd have landed 90 points or so. I got 64.
What a mess North London is in right now. Stop giving those Manchester teams points!
Damn! I have Young but not as my captain. Excellent choice.
Not sure what metric you're measuring it by, but to me current Adam is definitely an improvement over his Blackpool days. His passing accuracy is increasing, the quality of his passes is looking even better, and he's not losing possession and giving the ball away.
I picked El Habsi this week but so far my other choices have been mediocre.
Quite simply I think it's the best performance Liverpool has had as a team since Benitez left. The passing and movement was better than what anyone could have predicted or asked for. If we can keep this up, there's no question we'll be right up there fighting for the CL spots.
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