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Any chance we could get fit pics with Batman-style nipples pasted on? Based on the rider that I wore (C2) it would definitely need to be 2, maybe 3" longer to fit in with the kind of trousers most of us wear. question for Thurston bros: is there a stockist in Tokyo that carries your Japan slim/super slim cuts? I'm really intrigued by Fok's impressions and I'd like to see how it fits on my frame Here is the Junya x Vanson with side adjustors visible
Thanks for the helpful info. Looking forward to @LA Guy's impressions on the sample.
Thanks for the info. That makes sense wrt leather quality. I don't ride and I wouldn't mind a lighter leather strictly speaking, but if the quality isn't as high then that kind of defeats the purpose. Hopefully we can find the right balance. The C2 size 34 was actually slightly too snug around the waist, but the shoulders, upper back and arms were roomy. I think what you may consider "super slim" is fairly standard for me since I've got a really wiry frame.Here's the Junya...
They have t-necks in multiple colors every winter at Uniqlo for as long as I can remember, though the fabric tends to vary slightly year by year.I have personally been disappointed in the fit Uniqlo dress shirts - even the +J ones with Jil Sander's name attached. While the fabrics are generally nice for the price you pay, the fits are boxy and too short for slim people. They may be sized slightly differently in the US, but I doubt that they're going to be smarter than the...
Glad to see you're around too, Fuuma. Nice avatar Used Junya riders seem to go between $900-1200 at the moment. It's tempting since I'm looking for a new rider myself, but think I'll stick with this project. Custom orders are always fun and the rayon sleeves vs. full quilted lining is an attractive element, plus it should come in at 1/2 or 2/3 the price depending on what you're able to find.
Not many details there on the garment. Only that it's size M and it's just been worn a few times.Here's another Junya rider - this one is size XS but it has the measurements.Length 63cm Shoulder Width 43cm Sleeves 60cm Body width 43cm (40 at hem) imagine you'd be a M or maybe even L.
I tried on a few C2s today and it pretty much confirmed what I expected. 34 was about the closest thing I could find to a proper fit around the waist, but it was still too roomy in the arms and back. It fits me pretty awkwardly. Provided we get the details and hardware hammered out, are armholes and sleeves something we can modify? I couldn't find a Junya jacket (sorry @LA Guy) I'll try again next weekend.
Sure thing. I'll check out the Junya and the Vanson store and let you know what I find.
I'm definitely not shitting on anyone I just mean to be realistic about expectations and what we can get out of this project vs other options. I still wear my SFx5EP jeans (god help them they're torn to bits) and I'd love to have another SF creation that will last me years. I'm gonna go try on some Japanese Vansons again today to see if I can offer anything further on the base pattern. Basically I want to see if I think I can fit into one with whatever modifications @LA...
The first jacket, 5-zip moto.Maybe the Vansons I've seen in Japan are imported and not made to Japanese specs, but they're still pretty beefy, especially in the arms.
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