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City has never won the league before. Wouldn't that be a pretty big upset?Anyway, the difference between La Liga and the PL - and this is coming from someone who does like La Liga - isn't the results at the end of the league. It's about individual games, and an overall gulf in quality between teams. On their day, any of the PL teams could have a go and beat United, Chelsea or City. La Liga teams have a bad tendency to just roll over and take it up the ass when they play...
Not at all. It's barely 5 weeks in. I don't doubt that United has a huge chance of winning the league, but history has shown some interesting things. No team that has ever scored more than 11 goals in the first few weeks has won the league, for example. Coming fast out the gate doesn't guarantee a trophy.
LOL indeed. Miserable game.
This Liverpool game is atrocious. Only down 1-0 at half-time, I suppose there's always the chance of a send off for Tottenham or a defensive fluke (neither look likely though)
Wow, Swansea gets their first PL goal and makes it two! They are an absolute joy to watch. Do I have permission to cheer for them when my main team loses? Jokes aside, I do have other teams that I follow aside from just Liverpool. I always love to watch Atleti and Juventus. And now Swansea. Wow, they're looking great!
I doubt he'll be with Arse next year, but I think he'll last until the summer. I mean you can't blame Wenger for 2 silly own goals.
And now they're losing! Unbelievable. 3 attempts on goal from Blackburn, 4 goals conceded by Arsenal. Truly magical football!
Arsenal running all over Blackburn right now. If it weren't for a shaky and unfamiliar back line, they'd be a really threatening team.
I can't decide whether I want Silva or Nasri. I'm afraid of Silva getting rested, but it also seems like he orchestrates nearly every attack for City and he's a must- play.
Thanks for the reply on the FFscout, MoK. I feel like I have a strong team going into this week, but this season has been all surprises so far, so who knows what will happen.
New Posts  All Forums: