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There's a 25% off drop going on for the Seiko posted above (SARB033/035) right now on Massdrop.That is simply stunning. What a deal you got
I really wish Seiko would make more of the 50th anniversary Sumo (SBDC027). It was just a little bit too expensive, but I love the rectangular hour marks, the slim hands and the new typeface.
New proud owner. Ended up getting a new one from a grey seller instead of used. It's just lovely.
Looks like something straight out of Starcraft.
Yeah that's kind of what I figured. Thanks for the responses.
I was browsing the under 1k sports watches top 5 lists and I didn't see a single mention of Steinhart, as far as I can remember. It doesn't seem like an SF favorite, but other forums have discussion on it. The reviews I've read elswhere seem really positive, and the price seems great. The Ocean One GMT, which has the ETA 2893 in it comes at around $500 and looks a lot like a submariner. My suspicion is that it's because it's bordering on knock off territory and doesn't...
Less focused on focus on pants and tops, more focused on shoes and watches. Can't go crazy everywhere at once.
Ah, got it. Simple enough.
Generally I am familiar with grey market in regards to electronics, but what constitutes a grey market watch? I am looking at Chrono24 right now and there are definitely some attractive prices there, including new Orions for ~$1500, which is doable if I hold off another month or so. How do I know which ones are grey market?
Thanks guys, exactly the information and encouragement I was looking for!
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