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Problem is people will instantly tune out of what they heard when the word 'sponssorhip' comes up, where there are a lot of ... umm ... people that fit into Bud's target market ... who will probably think that shill was just him talking about what beer he likes
Recently purchased but won't be arriving for a while. And for the wife:
Spending hundreds of dollars in order to acquire little digital thumbs seems like a dubious investment.
There are also some stragglers still on sale at Zozotown too. There's a size 4 striped cotton shirt for under a hundred bucks.
Nice stuff. Indeed these fits are all amazing
In Japan I see a lot of bombers over athletic knits, wide pants hemmed above the ankle and black ankle boots with spike heels or loafers with socks. Auburn bob cut, thick eyeliner wings. Walk around Harajuku/Omotesando and you'll see about 100 black sun hats too.I help folks out here and there, not really in the business officially but you can PM me here if the seller refuses proxy buyers or something.
Speaking of complexions I've always found it strange (and mildly racist) that the first answer you hear when Asian bros ask what color they should wear is "yellow." I think yellow goes better on people with skin hues more toward the blue end than the olive end. I almost never wear reds except for the red quilted Junya vest. As with @LA Guy I'm in soft blue tones... probably too often. I've got a nearly identical skin tone to the Schneider model so hopefully I don't...
Music to my ears, this. Can't wait.
Meh you like fine IMO, I'd rather wear the clothes I want and look like I have (slightly) big feet than wear junk I don't want because I'm embarrassed about my feet, of all things. Just memorize a witty quip for every potential comment and cycle through them when anyone says anything about your feet. For example "wow those are big boots!" "Shut up your ears are too big for your face, you spunkbubble."
Many thanks. Going with a IV then if the legs are slim. Great price.
New Posts  All Forums: