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Looks like I screwed up choosing my size for the Styleforum pre-order pants. I went for a IV but a III would have been the right choice. If anyone here is in the opposire conundrum let me know and we can trade. I can live with the size IV since the legs are cut slim, but I'm leaving them unworn for a week or so while I wait to see if there's any potential trades out there.
His whole concept was basically buying Grail status stuff from Margiela, Jil, Raf, etc. then using it to make a pattern and selling it at a price people could afford. His patterns aren't original. He had no pattern making or design experience afaik
Found a used Seiko SBDC007 (no X logo Shogun) on Yahoo Auc and won it at around ~270 USD. Pretty good price, but it's seen better days. The glass and bracelet being a bit beat up is a-ok for me since I had always planned to replace the proprietary glass with sapphire and I prefer a NATO strap over the standard bracelet anyway. The case is in great shape, but I'm gonna have to do something about the bezel one day here. Anyone ever had a bezel replacement from Seiko? Should...
The elusive sbdc027. Lovely purchase
On a the topic of ladies watches, my wife wears a 42mm watch despite having tiny wrists. The "boyfriend" watch look is definitely a good look.
That looks really great. I actually prefer the Shogun to the MM in general. The bezel shape in particular really suits the dial.
That looks fantastic. I'm waiting for a nice price on a used Shogun 007 to pop up on Yahoo Auctions, it's my next watch and I've been lusting over one for a while (decided to blow that money on a pair of triple sole Dinkelackers). I wanna pop on a sapphire cover and the MM300 hands look really, really good. The case is gorgeous, the Monster hands are probably the only part I'm not a huge fan of.If you have a chance, show us what it looks like on a Nato strap.
Looked at their website and it wasn't that, but WFG looks like another nice place to check out.
JP shoe experts, there was a shop in Harajuku down the street from Harajuku station toward Shibuya. It was really small and they sold some RTW calfskin joints made in Asakusa as well as some Tricker's. Their shoes seemed like a step up from AE and were, I think, around 40,000 yen per pair, but I cannot remember the name for the life of me. Anyone familiar?
Winter is coming.
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