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Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter y'all live together? (same IP address? maybe the mods thought you were all the same person) Even though we live in the same building, I hardly doubt we have the same ip address. And that is even one of the many reasons why I am really not happy about the situation. If the mods suspects or thing a member is a this or that isn't it at least the least justifiable to send them a warning asking them...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube I thought this little passive-aggressive multi-thread mini-rant was about a "friend". You were banned? And now you're bitching about it? It's not just about me. And it is not just about a friend either. It is about me and two other friends who got ban for I don't know what. In fact it's the fact that it actually includes a multi ban that I can't seem to understand. Not that all where ban the same...
Well I guess just like everybody else before have pointed out, you pretty much lost the fight and everything else. I am just happy the dude you attacked was more of a gent and didn't want ti give you a nice ass kicking. And you should be thankful for that too. In fact I think you should trace down this dude and buy him a beer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Here's a tip if you want to avoid the banhammer: Don't be a dick. You don't seem to fully understand that. Or how your posts might be interpreted. Thanks for the advice, but to be honest with you, I tried not being a dick, not that I am saying that I am being a dick now, but I still got banned anyways. That is what I can't comprehend.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson It would be hilarious to ban you right now. Well I guess it would be, but I hope they won't because I am just sharing what makes me happy remember? Happiness comes in different ways.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter Justly or not, the owners and mods don't have to explain anything. They usually do as a courtesy but they can eject anyone they want. Of course I know that they can. I didn't say they can't, and if you had read my original or first complain, then you would've probably known that. Now my problem here is not whether they can or can't eject whoever they want to. My problem here is why they do it. If they...
I am happy because I still have the ability to come to style forum and write, and even rant about members being ban. Not that it's funny but the fact that I can talk about it makes me feel happy.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Very funny spoo, but this is not a laughing matter trust me I am more than furious with the mods for the indiscriminate baning without warning of members which I think had never spam this forum and had no intension to while you have many spammers roaming around juts because they have a............................. Well let me not say it, but you get my point anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector Well, the time has come where I have decided to purchase my first firearm. I'm looking at a 9mm Beretta pistol. What kinds of guns do you all have and which would you recommend for a first timer? Has guns become some toys that people but on daily bases to go play bad cope good cope with or what? We are talking about guns here people!
It pisses me off that people just gets ban from the forum indefinitely without any prior notification or warning what so ever, after you've been around for like a year, a month or three weeks or even a week. Everybody should be given at least a chance, if not to make up for a mistake, at least change.But at style forum, that doesn't seem to be the case. And what even pisses me off the most is that they have a thread here called "Transparent Moderation" What they is that?
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