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No love?
Looking to spend less than 800 on the whole piece. Any thoughts on the differences between these brands? Thanks much.
Simple question - those of us who are forced to rock suit and tie to work every day. Assuming our gym is not in our building nor exactly next to it - how do you work out during the week? Do I get used to taking showers after an early morning workout and change back into the suit I went to the gym in? (carry the bag of shoes and shorts etc to work) Do I hit the gym after work and then carry my suit/shoes home on a hanger/in a bag? I just have no clue. All input is...
It's not the stitching, the actual fabric has torn. I ask mainly b/c one of the shirts fits so well I've gotten compliments on it. That was until the damn tears!
I do not wear an undershirt. Yes some are not of the finest cloth. I was wondering more though if it has to do with the length of the shoulders or what.
Can anyone advise as to what aspect of a shirt's fit would cause tears in the armpits?? I am not overly active in my damn suits (courtroom attorney) but I have found that three of my shirts, two RTW and one made to fit, have developed tears in the armpits. What's a man to do? Thanks for any advice.
Anyone have an opinion on this suit?
3. Thirdly - my shirts come back from the dry cleaners on wire hangers. Do you guys take them off the wire hangers and re-hang on nicer hangers right away? Should be said I am not working with the high level of shirts that many of the big dogs on this forum are.
I wear a suit 5-7 days a week. I launder my shirts after every wear. No starch. I have a couple questions for the experts here. 1. It is proper to dry clean my shirts after each wear right? 2. Please see the pictures attached. There is a wrinkling/folding kind of thing going on my shirts, just under the collar on the upper chest. Has happened now with several shirts that came back from the dry cleaner. Doesn't look so hot. Thoughts? As per usual, thanks!
As per my experience on this forum, both options are going to be forthwith shot-down. That said, as a man of relatively the same means as yourself, I have a closet of JC and Theory suits. (Almost bought my first BB one this weekend but got scared off even after loving it as per the price tag). I find them to be very comparable in terms of fabric quality and modern/slim cuts. I have 2 theory and the Ludlow you linked to and another JC suit. All are functional,...
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