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How is the sizing on this jacket? In RRL shirts, I'm either a Small or Medium but all the shirts from this season I've had to get a Medium.Thanks!
That is actually my picture and I still have the sweater. It is really a cool piece and very happy I was able to purchase it. I bought it in March of last year FYI. The sweater really turns heads and I get goofy looks for it but I don't care. I'm happy. Thanks
Your welcome. I hope it helps. I have not laundered them yet but am 99.9% sure that it wouldn't make a difference at all. I have had a lot of jeans with distressing or stains etc, and washing them has never removed them in any noticeable way.
Here are a few quick pics of the Northbend Work Pant. Hope this helps!
I have the Northbend Work Pant Jean and I can snap a picture of it tonight for you. I really like it personally. It's very soft and pretty light weight. The cut is relaxed (more so than Straight Leg cut) FYI.
Thank you very much for the info!!
Sorry, this has probably been covered a ton, but the wash "Rigid" is actually Raw correct? Thanks!
How is the RRL selection at the Ralph Lauren store at the Palazzo in Las Vegas? Thanks!
I'd like to know this as well. Thanks!
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