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Because it is a very nice scarf. Trust me, I got one from Drake's about a month ago, and those retail for 395 GBP. You're getting a deal by comparison.
Turns out that I'm not all that good at not buying things, but at least it's a small purchase this time. Drake's reversible cashmere silk scarf. This is not a current model, a year or two old maybe? Silk might be madder, seller claims it is, but I wouldn't be able to tell either way with my limited experience of silk.
I didn't notice this until today, but that's me getting measured in the picture. About 3 weeks left until the fitting, looking forward to it! (The fitting, that is. Not the 3 hours on a train to get to it )
I definitely prefer cotton rounds over the tip of finger method, it's more comfortable for me. It also removes the need for separate brushes, as the appliers are disposable. The saphir wax is the same one that I use for calf.
Thanks, it's actually just the normal pommadier, but I never used it. I kept it on hand in case there were any scratches that needed a bit of extra attention.For my cordovan boots I use GlenKaren conditioner rather than Renovateur, don't ask me why, I just tried it once and I preferred the results. I use the conditioner in the same way as I would use renovateur. After I brushed of the conditioner I hit the boots with a teeny, tiny bit of wax. I use cotton rounds to apply...
Decided that it was about time for me to give my cordovan austerity brogues some care, still very happy with them.
I'd classify the price as decent, UK retail is £2835, I paid £1060 plus shipping. I think that a 63% discount is more than acceptable.Now I'll just have to keep my fingers out of my wallet for the rest of the year... Except for the fact that I'll be ordering my first pair of bespoke boots on the 20th.
Got a text from the post office during a lecture, they had received a package for me. The following 6 hours was spent in anticipation, had I received some textbooks I ordered last week, or was it something... softer? I was not disappointed. Loro Piana Roadster Villa D'Este, in navy cashmere storm system. My pictures aren't that good, better pictures with more accurate colour representation can be found at Loro Pianas website:...
I think that the leather might be mountain ram, I've seen a few Cleverley shoes made out of the stuff. The pattern on Metta Catharina is, from what I've seen, a bit more geometrical, lacking a better term.
I wish, it was far more expensive than that, the single most expensive piece of clothing I've bought yet, but still a steep discount when compared to retail.
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