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I wore my burgundy wingtips today, so I took a picture. Perhaps not the best one, but I had limited time and equipment.A bit more creasing, which is to be expected, since I had barely touched the boots in my first photo. Colour hasn't really changed, it's just a matter of light conditions.
I haven't had too many opportunities to wear my Vass boots recently, due to the weather. Just tell me which pair you want pictures of and I'll take some when I wear them the next time.When it comes to saddle vs. whiskey, I've never seen whiskey cordovan in real life. From what I've seen in pictures, it would appear that saddle is a bit closer to natural shell cordovan, a bit more tan-ish perhaps.
Since I got an unexpected discount on my latest purchase, I had some leftover cash burning in my pocket. I had to rectify that situation. This is the Atlas suitcase by Alstermo Bruk. It might appear to be a copy of the familiar style of Globe-Trotter, but Alstermo Bruk began making this style of bags in the early 1800s, around 90 years before of Globe-Trotter. These bags are made in Sweden by a small company on the brink of ruin. The company declared bankruptcy last...
On purpose, I decided to try half a size smaller for my second order.
Yep, both are on P2, but the austerity boots are half a size larger.
Nice boots RogerP! Carmina makes nice boots. Then I shall cross-post too. Let there be wingtips: Vass Austerity boot, saddle. Vass Wingtip boot, bordeaux. Crockett & Jones Skye 2, dark brown.
Got a new pair of boots from Hungary today. Cross-post from the Vass thread. [[SPOILER]]
I dig the boots, but more importantly: what are those boot trees? Is it something Vass is cooking up, because if that's the case I've to send them a message to see if I can get a set or two.
I got my new boots today, but the packaging seemed a bit strange. Upon opening the package I discovered that I got one box per boot. For those interested, here's my collection of cordovan wingtip boots. From left to right: Vass Austerity boot, saddle. Vass Wingtip boot, bordeaux. Crockett & Jones Skye 2, dark brown.
I've read that metal heel plates are supposed to be slippery several times, but I've never felt any slipperiness with my heel plated boots, not on wood, marble, asphalt or cobblestone. Might it have something to do with ones gait? I will however agree when it comes to the noise, which is why I opted out of heel plates on my latest pair.
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