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Quote: Originally Posted by wizard7926 Blue Tweed Suit That looks pretty tasty. I've been contemplating a lighter blue suit. I really wish they were more explicit on the construction of their suits though... I might email them to get a better idea.
That's the sound of the souls of the poor animals used to make the shoes escaping.
Quote: Originally Posted by upr_crust With tomorrow's posting, I will experiment with the tripod setting, raising it closer to eye level.Glad that you enjoy my postings - thanks! Setting up your camera farther way and zooming in also helps to reduce the effect of lens distortion.I tried it on my last few shots and I think it makes a subtle but noticeable difference. In my last fit pic the camera was nearly 20' away. If you're close up with an extreme wide angle...
Don't do it unless you've passed the bar.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba EA, I think this cut is wrong for you, it's too short and too slim fitting, that along with the high button stance isn't working for you. That jacket length does seem to work for some, but I find it a bit short overall, I'd go with something 1" to 1-1/2" longer. The pants need to be shortened in the back rise, that's whats causing the thigh to bag out. Yup. I've actually decided to return the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Flartchy Someone I respect once said, when you're over 35 and unmarried, always take a woman who is under 30 with you when you clothes shop, and if she says don't buy something, for the love of god don't buy it. Well, no woman under the age of 30 has ever recommended I wear a blue blazer. A couple of cougars I used to date liked the look. But I'm trying to get away from the coug vibe and go with the younger women these...
Any chance we could try having this thread pinned to see if we can cut down on the "I bot a knew soot!" threads?
Quote: Originally Posted by noobizor Whoa...deets on the interesting jacket? It's by Company of We, which, if I understand this "internet" correctly, appears to be defunct. Thanks for the mixed reactions all. It's better than the usual "universally acknowledged as terrible".
None of the links are working. Call technical support!
Quote: Originally Posted by ivyleaguer I think the suit could be tailored a bit more. it seems to flare out at the end. Quote: Originally Posted by ivyleaguer nice! Dude, who are you talking to?
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