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Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye Edgar: Too short for you. Probably shouldn't wear a dark brown jacket with navy odd trousers also. Also lose the giant drapey laces and give those shoes a polish. The fit in the chest is looking much better than previous suits you've shown. Heur: I'm not sure why, but it all looks good in the front, but sloppy in the back. It's actually a navy suit. Bad photos. And you needn't remind me about the shoes....
Quote: Originally Posted by Heuristic Thank you. Assuming I get a new shirt and tie a good four-in-hand, is this suit at least passable for someone young who won't be wearing it often? I would say it's quite a close fit. I would still recommend having it altered just to take in a few areas which are bunching up (most noticeably in the crotch, under the seat, and a bit in the back), but if that doesn't bother you...
Quote: Originally Posted by GoldenTribe Yonge and Bay? You mean Bay and Bloor? Please post the results of your jacket alteration in this thread too (so I don't miss it); I've got one that needs the chest taken in and so far I've been too afraid to actually go out and get it done. Cross-post from fit thread. So Antonio shortened the sleeves, took the chest in a little bit, and slimmed and shortened the pants. I'm particularly happy with...
Another suit, back from the tailor. Two things: Do the sleeves look a bit uneven, and are the pants a bit short? I'm totally willing to believe the former could be caused by unenven arms, but still, anyone else see it? Tough to shoot navy. Bumped up the shadows so it would actually show up. Colour/brightness not representative.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye Basically, if you're in shape and the suit follows your shape, more power to you. If you aren't, it's best to let a suit suggest a better shape for you. Fit guys have a lot to lose with a poorly fitted suit, whereas dumpy dudes like myself have a lot to gain from a well fitted suit. Yup. I'd look like an elephant in a girdle in something like that, but more power to anyone who can pull it off.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pieceofsand Too tight for my taste, I feel like my body was unable to breath looking at the pics. It definitely looked cleaned though. Not my personal preference either, but when someone has the right body type for it I think it looks good.
Quote: Originally Posted by LilacCords Linen Friday ting.... In the spirit of "What the hell" ......have a great weekend.... Linen Jacket, linen shirt, Cotton/linen tie, Cotton Jeans, Cotton belt, Cotton shoes, unimpressed hound....
Quote: Originally Posted by Digmenow When did this thread stop being about me? Woah woah woah.. When did it stop being about me?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang I'm afraid not. I don't play golf, so I can't really say if they are suitable for that. Is the typical golf polo longer than a normal one?
Would totally kop if they were 10-10.5.
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