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Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin The pants are perfect as is There's your answer.
PM sent for #5 and #7.
Kinda hard to see in some of these pics, but happy St. Patty's!
Not really up to snuff with some of you guys, but I thought it was pretty good. Feel free to rip me a new one for anything and everything you think is wrong. I promise I have thick skin.
I would totally go for 16-20 if you decide to break it up.
#1 matches the shadows, #2 matches the highlights. Hope this helps. [[SPOILER]]
The orange floral on the right, by Altea.
I'm a fan of this for the price point: I bought it a few months ago, and I've been loving it ever since. The dials and markers reflect light very nicely, and the watch itself is simple and elegant enough to go with pretty much anything. The case is also a lot glossier than it appears in this picture.
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