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Quote: Originally Posted by mrjames [[SPOILER]] I think you're right, dress boots would work nicely here. Looks good.
Quote: Originally Posted by imo, as long as you aren't obnoxious about it, there's nothing wrong with being *that guy* co-workers have come to expect me to be dressed to the 9s. there are worse things to be known for. being dressed to the 9s and consistently doing shoddy work. Yeah, honestly, even when I worked in a call centre, one of the OVERNIGHT agents would come to work looking sharp as hell every day. He was pretty...
Quote: Originally Posted by JoelF In a business casual office I think you get a lot more mileage from good pants, nice shoes, well fitting shirt, occasional sports coat. Slapping on a tie when no one else does screams try hard. Yeah, I'd hate for my superiors to think I try hard.
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer I don't think this shirt is suit-appropriate, EAP. Eh. The collar is hardly noticeable from eye-level. I think it's about on-par with a funky jacket lining as far as appropriateness is concerned. Unless you were just referring to the sloppy collar point, which I think can be explained by getting rained on in the morning, working all day, and getting rained on in the afternoon.
I get a few comments from time to time, but never anything negative, and with decreasing frequency over time. I'll still wear an odd jacket and/or no tie when I feel like it, and dress down on Fridays like everyone else. But honestly, I don't plan to be an analyst forever, and whether they realize it or not, people treat you differently based on your appearance. I want to appear professional, so I strive for the business end of business casual. I know I can get away with...
The pocket squares are awesome! Well worth the wait.
sonlegoman is a great seller and his pocket squares are fantastic. MBreinin is a great guy and an awesome seller. wpeters is a excellent seller. itbegins is an excellent seller and I love the shoes I bought from him.
Same suit, different day. Thought I would see if the cuff issue might be caused by the somewhat wide openings of yesterday's shirt. Nope. Definitely need to let them out a bit. Either that or I have the same problem with this shirt. Forgive me if I appear a bit out of sorts. Long day at work and I was rained on quite heavily on the way home.
Actually I agree on the tie vs. the lapels. I never really understood the connection but it's as plain as day to me now. I'm not sure how much lower the button can get before I'm in two-roll-one territory. But I see what you're saying about the quarters. That aside, fit-wise, I feel it's the best suit I have at the moment.
Been a while. Here's a suit I purchased from Mike. Only took it ever-so-slightly right under the pits. I think the sleeves might be slightly short but still within acceptable range. Mike we're shockingly close in size. You have to sell me all your hand-me-downs.
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